Momentum, inertia, and resistance over time?

I’m sure we are all aware of the feeling of building magical momentum in rituals towards a goal. You can feel it like electricity in the air. The rules are bending. The world is shifting. But sometimes there’s a snag, even with all that. You pass a point, a magical climax, and things just don’t come. And then you feel the inertia. It builds. And your magic in this area yields fewer and fewer results. The target seems to be building resistance. And then it won’t budge.

What is this? Why is this? And most importantly, how does one kick down the doors, all out, guns blazing, and blast that stubborn sucker into oblivion?

For me it’s a way of not pushing too hard. What we call concentration in the west is actually a hard, kind of agitated state. What works for me is, what I think is called, Wu-Wei in Daoism. Pushing the energy without being too fixed, cause being too strained actually closes the channels, so to speak. The sign that I have finished the ritual is an internal shift, when I feel like I don’t have to push my goal into reality anymore, but when I have integrated the goal into my internal universe and there’s no resistance anymore. Kind of a gut feeling.

Well, yes, but I’m talking about the situation when initial successes fizzle out, the gut feeling fails, and magic just refuses to work, no matter how aggressive or passive one is, no matter if one butts ones head or let’s go.

Then its’s time to do some inner work, clear the channels and refocus on what actually allows you to do magick. Daily life, and even details of our spiritual practice tend to clutter our perception and distract us from the reason we’re actually incarnated. It’s not your personality or ego that allows you to do magick. It’s your “divine essence”. That part needs to be contacted again. So I would recommed some energy work, preferably chakra activation. That will give you the “meta-perspective” again, that allows you to see the “bigger picture”. And from that point, that state of mind and spirit, magick should be done in my opinion.

Again, you’ve misinterpreted the context. This issue has absolutely nothing to do with magic not working in general, but ceasing to work on a specific target. Try reading my first post again.