Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working with Molock the Prince of Tears. Through Rituals of Evocation and Blood Sorcery, Baneful magic such as Cursing and Hexcraft I have begun my journey into his world of Burnt Souls. By forging a Relationship with him, asking him about this likes and dislikes, down to becoming Dedicated to his ways as a Sorcerer and Apprentice, the thought fell upon Three things!

(1) Offerrings
(2) Devotional Methods
(3) Intent of the Sorcerer.

I’ve come to realize that Beings as Powerful as Molock, Astarot, Baelzebuth, Sorath, Azazyel, and Beliyal not only have different opinions upon these three devises of Worship, but also upon how to commune with them. Their personalities as different from one another l, just as how they prefer to be summoned.

In the Case of Molock, I’ve come to view his needs as a Personal Commitment more than say a simple blood pact or giving an offering of cakes or wines. With him sharing blood, the sorcerers Blood and the Wine as one. What this means is my blood is his Blood and vice versa. He prefers to torment the victims of Baneful magic. So by Offerring their Souls to him it bring us closer to each other within the bonds of friendship, Brotherhood, and building upon the Firm Foundation of a Personal Relationship with each other.

However there is more to it, that what is stated above. Before one can summon such a Prince, it’s best to perform an in-depth study upon emthe Deitus your working with to gain a better understanding of ego they are as an individual, just like you’d do with a neighbor or potential friend. The same mannerisms apply. By doing your homework, it helps to make contact, and to become an adept, a Student and Apprentice learning from them.

Molock himself has brought my understanding of Curses and Da’ath Magic at a whole other level, by combining and utilizing methods from various means such as Blood Sorcery, Divination, Evocation, Demonology, and down to both Alchemy and Herbalism.

Learning to experiment and adapt within the Arts and Practices helps be unique, but also allows the Skilled Adept to master various levels of Experiences like Dante Inferno the classical imagery of the Thirteen levels of Hell. This can also be traced back to the very image of the Descent of the Goddess Astarte, Persephone, And Erishkigal within the purity factor.

I will keep you up to date upon my progress and relationship with Molock. But for know, note that I am here, learning and Growing.

-Michael Hyson Dark Sorcerer


Is there a particular reason why you misspelled every name?


If you look into their mythologies, and Histories you will see that the names are correct. Only difference is these spellings are much older.

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I mean im sure Most of the names have been changed to fit english speakers agendas…

Idk he seems to have misspelled VK Jehannum’s name too LOL it was super funny…

I love this evocation/invocation