Modified Demons of Magick Sigil experiment (Demonolatry)

Hello Everyone,
Have been away from the forum for a long time. I have been working on modifying different rites and rituals that are more suitable for a practicing Demonolator. Recently I have been working on Modifying Demons of Magick sigils, I have to add some more personal elements to it. The final look will look completely different from the original. But I just needed all your opinions on this.

The outer ring consists of the Enn’s of 5 Elemental demons. The inner circle consists of the Enn’s of 4 Demonic kings of Goetia. The 3 sigils on the inside are the sigils of Amaymon.


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Why? What is the purpose of modifying proprietary sigils from a specific system of magick?

Why not just make your own sigils?

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