Mode_439's book review_the complete works

Greetings Crawlers of The Night,

Below you will find my finding’s on TCW. OK let’s begin!

  1. Price

Ohhhhhh I went right for the balls at #1! Now, from what I can remember from “Make your voice heard”

Copies went for under $400. I could only go back to page #11 on this original post tonight and wanted to re-verify. Anyways, this is the price I remember. If I’m wrong please correct me

OK guys. For the material that is contained within this Text…EA and Timothy literally just gave this book away. I’m not looking for anyone to agree or disagree, but we can ALL clearly see the facts:

ALL of EA’s books are sold out. eBay and Amazon private seller’s are getting a very handsome price. As most of you know, I recently purchased my own copy of this Text, brand new, never used in ritual, AND I purchased it from a BALG Forum member. This member wishes to remain in the Shadows and also wanted me to respect the price he sold it to me for, which, was just a little more than the original price shall we say. I got lucky, or, if you read my post on HOW I got this text I did it through Magick.

Anyways, let’s move on to the flesh of the matter.

  1. The black skin and the LH Pentagram

From what I understand, some Adept’s bitched and complained about the Silver Star on the front. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to think when I first saw it? But for me, now that I have it IN my hands…I really like how the book feels in my hands.

The Pentagram toward the left. I kinda dig this. This book is really starting to grow on me BECAUSE of its simplicity really. When I know think of my book collection TCW, The Garden of Blood and Bones, and some other texts from Dark Harvest come to my mind.


Because the simplicity is just plain ‘ole powerful! It’s like listening to early Jack White, Black Sabbath, or Tribal Techno. It’s the raw "sound’ that lends itself to “feel”. When I think of hamburgers I think of McDonald’s (unfortunately) and The Golden Arches.

When I think of Black Magick I think of my TCW and that damned tilted Silver Pentagram!

In all actuality this is really all this tome needs…anymore would’ve been overkill.

  1. Smell

YES, I actually smell my books. Two things:

 *There's  NOTHING  like fresh Napalm in the morning   and   
 *There's nothing like the smell of a newly printed book. And this
   tome has a very crisp, clear, and welcoming scent.
  1. Paper

The paper has a great semi-granular feel to it which I personally love because it’s easier to turn the pages. This is important, I know for myself that in reading a book that one loves and the paper is on the crap-O side…I’ve accidentally torn pages. Talk about being PISSED! So the paper feel is crucial for this Bibliophile.

*NOTE: my only pet peeve with the paper is I would’ve liked it a little heavier. But, please take into account readers, this is a MASSIVE book so in the end I believe this was more than well thought out by EA and Timothy. Heavier paper means more cost which would’ve meant more $ passed on to the end customer…US.

  1. Type Setting

Not really much to say here. I’ve thumbed through the entire Sacred Text and it’s straight forward man. The words are not hard to read because it’s in some script that is hard on the eyes.

*NOTE: my only pet peeve here is the size of the actual script. Now I must admit, I say this out of PURE SELFISHNESS, because I do so much reading. If EA and Timothy called me up and asked me about the script, I would’ve said “Yeah…can you maybe increase it about 2%?”…that would’ve been PERFECT for ME!!!

But again, things like that go into the actual manufacturing cost, cost is passed on in price, and that is ALL passed on to the end customer…US!!

  1. The 3 Colored book Marks

A very nice touch of class and simple.


Overall am I, Mode_439, Occult & Religious Text hoarder pleased with this!!! Yes I am.

When one takes into consideration ALL the decisions that probably went into manufacturing this book, these guys gave this away on the cheap! For under $400 getting ALL these books in ONE easily referenceable work! Yeah…I’ll take 2 please!

And just to add, my above notes are taking everything I can think of into consideration. I don’t think for one moment that EA nor Timothy were cutting corners in any way. I think that when it comes down to functionality, accessibility, and a big one for a LOT of people…price…BALG did a great job! Bravo guys!

I really can’t stress enough that within this ONE Black Magick tome…EVERYTHING…that an Adept needs is in here. As I stated in another posting weeks ago, there IS a difference BETWEEN price, cost, and value.

I was willing to PAY any PRICE for TCW because I VALUE the material within it.

I’m also tired of PAYING the PRICE for a life that at times is hard to VALUE.

Until next time,


That was a great and honest review…I was telling Necromaster that I have become like golem at times concerning my copy…my precious…seriously…I wish I had been able to procure a few copies…Fuck it…One out of two hundred is still an accomplishment…