Mixing different pantheons

Good afternoon.

I was wondering if anybody here had an experience of mixing Lilith and Venus/Aphrodite in the same rite. What I have in mind is a self empowerment ritual focused on self esteem, personal power, beauty, sexual energy healing and vibration changing.

Although I do work with both goddesses, I have a slight fear of mixing both forces and not ending up too well. Aphrodite and Lilith work in very distinct ways, although they can assist in common matters.

Do you people have any similar experiences or useful insights about this?


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People have worked with two different (or more) spirits from different pantheons for the same project/ritual. It’s more of whether the spirits will work well together (how they get things done/etc) and less of them being from different pantheons/etc. Angels and demons commonly work together for people sometimes.


Do you personally see Lilith and Aphrodite as opposites?

Well their not the same entity, if that’s what your asking?

I meant opposites as in they should not work together really well

I haven’t worked with Aphrodite personally, but as you’ve said, they can assist with some common things. They both can help you with matters of love, self love, and sexuality for one (I’m sure there’s more, but these are from the top of my mind). Why do you fear mixing them together? Maybe ask them if they would work well together?