Mixed signals from Beleth?

I met this guy a week ago that I was really into, but I’m kinda shy… and for many reasons I will not express in this post, I have a problem trusting others. I’m most definitely working on this trait, but sometimes it gets the best of me and I’ll self sabotage relationships because I get scared (toxic, I know).

Anyway so, things didn’t workout with the boy because I messed it up… so I reached out to Beleth this morning in hopes that she could help bring us back together.

The meditation went well though it was a spur of the moment type of thing. I didn’t feel negatively in her presence. We actually astral projected to the side of his bed, and I left one of her “companions” with him to assist in us getting back together.

I thanked her. I felt very warm afterwards and powerful. However, I’ve been pulling tarot cards as a means of receiving her confirmation that she will help me, and they are all kinda pointing at me needing to do some shadow work, which I understand, but none saying a definite yes. Some of the cards I pulled, even had me feeling like she was insulting me lol… I could very well just be sensitive but, hey…

Does anyone with experience with Beleth understand what may be happening here? Thank you all in advance❤️