Mixed results with first working with king paimon, possibly been cursed?

hi im new to the forum so if this belongs in another sub I apologize. A couple of months ago I evoked king paimon after much research to do a working with him ( not sure if it’d be considered a pact or working) to help me get a better paying job, get my truck fixed and get a good deal on the transmission.

the first two have already come to pass. it took me awhile to get the job because i was going too late in the morning because the hiring manager was always slammed. finally after listening to my “gut” and staying up all night and going early Af the next morning I got the job. it took me a couple weeks to realize that king paimion kept putting that suggestion in my mind.

Now as far as fixing my truck, the guy who wants to help me swap it in is a friend of my aunts. he used to be a mechanic and is really good at it but he only does it on the side. he runs his own lawncare business and is normally slammed in the warmer months here. this is why I used king paimon , I wanted him to influence him to drop everything and help me with this transmission even if he was busy.

As soon as I had the money I found a good deal on a rebuilt transmission for only 500$. not only that but when I talked to the dude helping me out he was pretty available that week. I was gonna go get it sooner that week but because of the weather we went at the end of the week.

I got scared It was gonna be delayed because the man had to pull it and he lives in area that floods bad. the weather was suppose to be bad for two weeks straight. I just kept trying to reassure myself that king paimon will take care of it and he did. the guy wanted a deposit but because of the weather he just ended up pulling it first after I kept trying to get down there but couldn’t.

king paimon actually saved me money and time because it would’ve been a PITA to get a ride down that far by the state line. So when i and the dude helping me out went down to get it you could definitely tell it was rebuilt and I got a bill of sale with a guarantee so that worked out great. 500$ isnt shit for a rebuilt 4x4 transmission for a full-size truck.

now its been a week since I got the transmission and every time I call him hes been slammed. he said it might be awhile before he could get to it because he picked up a new contract and the weather has been really bad so shaping it out in the backyard won’t work if it keeps flooding.

now months ago I bought a scrying mirror from ebay and bought the wrong one so the seller sent me a flat one and I got busy with work and couldn’t ship the concave one back until recently.

ive been noticing some unlucky coincidences so im kinda worried she cursed me or is blocking my magick somehow. I got injured from bad form bench pressing days before I go that job and no matter how clean I eat or how much protein I take in ( high protein = quicker recovery, less soreness ,ect) it just keeps coming back and nagging me. it been over a month and the tendon still hasn’t healed. I haven’t been at this company long enough to get insurance yet so im SOL.

because of the weather and lack of big contracts atm, this past week at work we only got 34 hours. we actually had to go out of town to work the last two days. I tried working things out with that seller but she was acting like a child and immature so I didn’t even give her the tracking number when I sent her her mirror back. I mean its already there by now but I dont know shell remove the curse if she did curse me.

its weird things went great at first then suddenly things are starting to go downhill.

maybe im looking too much into it but does it sound like ive been cursed ?

should I just be patient with getting the truck fixed ? weather looks pretty bad for the foreseeable future tbh

how do I deal with it if I have ? evoke vine ?

im still fairly new to the occult. in 2015-16 I dabbled but left then got very serious earlier this year with opening my senses then got busy. even when I got more serious I barely had time to practice because I worked 7 days a week for 10 hours ( one of the reasons I left my last job).

so what im saying I guess is communication isnt very clear unless I use a pendulum and thats not very reliable from what ive heard even though I do it on occasion.

so what am I to do ? this is my first working with a demon and im not sure what to do. thanks.

You need to try physcial therapy. Just eating isn’t going to heal muscle damage. Look on Youtube, im sure you can find videos to help you. You can also call on Raphael or Marbas who are very good healers and ask them to aide you.

Now if she was upset, i don’t think that’s childish. You didn’t send an item back for how long after she spent her money and took a hit to send you a new one? That’s bad form. I doubt she cursed you over that though. It depends on what she said to you and what the behavior was, you didn’t help any by being negative and not giving her a tracking number.

If you’re worried you can cleanse and ward up. You can also talk to King Paimon and other Daemons to help remove any blocks or at least find out whats going on, they would help you. The more you think about her cursing you the more it will be true even if she didn’t do a thing.

When it comes to your truck, if you don’t like the wait evoke King Paimon again and ask about it.

What to do? You can always talk to them like a you would a person, they will come to talk.
I always suggest using a pen and paper if you have issues with communication. Invoke/Evoke a Spirit, tell them you want them to write down their answers and just relax. They will use your hand and write, don’t fight what is written just let it happen.