Mixed Martial Arts

I know that king Paimon and Duke Dantalion can teach arts which should mean They could teach you mma .

I used to do mma but I wasn’t going often so my mom made me leave . Can they teach me mma ?

If I someway train myself will they help me ?

Or is it possible to watch moves on YouTube and practice them at home ?

I have trained martial arts for about 20 years.
There is one simple fact that is true no matter what style be it karate, kickboxning, gung fu, jiujutsu, boxing, mma and so one.
You need to do the work you need to put in the physical work and you need a good trainee to help you get it right.
Nothing like ppl Looking at youtube channels and then think thy got it, If it was that simple everyone would do it.
King paimon and duke dantalion might be able to help you understand and easily learn but you cant get away from doing the real work.
If you wanna be good thats atleast 3-4 training sessions a week.
So short answer no not in the way you want ot to work.


Learning from videos works as refreshers if you already trained, but if you got no training it’s the best way to develop bad fighting habits and form.

There’s a few warrior spirits that can help you understand techniques, but best way to learn is get to a gym, train in at least one striking art and one grapplin art


Entities can assist with certain things, but they are more like a catalyst to help you grow… some things still require good old fashioned elbow grease :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree with all of the above. As someone with 30 years in martial arts, I know there is no way to escape putting in the work.

A spirit of Mars could be helpful for motivation and discipline in training, but you do still have to train properly. Videos on YouTube are all well and good, but I will tell you, videos don’t hit you back. Your brain does funny things when you take a hit and the only way to change your natural reaction to physical pain, is to get hit, a lot :slight_smile:

Sparring with another human is the only way to know what works and what doesn’t.


Agreed. Many spirits can help you find the energy to train awesomely and frequently, and others can help you find the wisdom to learn everything you can from your lessons. But martial arts are a physical thing and the physical body must be trained.