Mix white and black magick

Oh the look on my face when I evoked those two together out of curiosity :rofl:
All I could think was “tf…?”


As stated above this is dogmatic propaganda that is pushed by the religions. If i remember right EA has an example of one rite in evoking eternity where you evoke Raphael and Marbas for a healing ritual. Though they are not any “better” or" worse" than “demons”. Angels are just as likely to kick your butt to drive a lesson into you as demons are. I’ve had first hand experience with that with Michael. :alien: that said there may be energetic conflicts with some entites. One example In the book of azazel is the relation of Azazel and Raphael in the beginning of the book.


Black and white magick is a convenient shorthand for certain practices but you are in no way bound to one or the other. Most active practitioners eventually abandon the notion. I’ve cursed people one day, and healed my pet the next followed almost immediately by vampirizing a random person passing by.


What happened?


Reminded me of this. :rofl:


I’ve had Kamael, Belial and Raphael in the same room before and everything was fine.

Like everyone else has stated, angels and demons get along and it’s perfectly safe to summon them together. It’s just dogma.


White magic and black magic are very vague definitions. Some definitions I’ve stumbled across;

Popular RHP definitions; White Magic is good, Black Magic is not.

Another popular definition (usually used by Wiccans to my knowledge): White Magic is healing or protection, Black Magic is for cursing.

Feri Witchcraft: Black Magic is “whatever works”, White Magic is poetry (very interesting definitions if you ask me)

There are also different definitions for the same concept in magic. LaVeyan philosophy divides magic into Sex/Lust, Compassion and Destruction (some Wiccans might say this is Red, White and Black Magic respectively). Some people might say grey magic exists (with or independent from the Black/White system). Some people just say it’s magic. I’m personally inclined to say that the type of magic you possess depends entirely on the path you travel, and you can define your magic however you want. I’m one of those “it’s just magic” people. It’s all Chaos, folks.


Never take a sword to a gun fight.

There is the idea of grey magick, which is neither black or white magick. It is neutral.


Say what?


folk, you are just wonderful, thank you very, very much for the discussion to this topic “mix of white and black magick”. further experience and opinions are very welcome. as long as i can summon so far, there are some different sights of the subject. but i feel encouraged, to handle with both, black and white magick, demons and angels, perhaps not always at the same time. but i love the idea, having jesus or some archangels with lucifer for a cup of tea in my temple. i hope, there will be no dishes broken, rather a happy come together.


In my opinion, there is no black or white magic. There’s just magic, it is supposed to manifest the will of the operator.

And yes, there’s nothing wrong with mixing angels and demons. I personally choose to work with only angels in the angelic current, but that isn’t a prescription, just a description of my practice.


i have another question, that doesnt meet the subject here totally, but in a wider range. i just make a quija board and ask myself, if it is good, to take “dark” symbols on it like the pentagramm with the top downwoard. does this perhaps hinder or prohibit spirits or other entities from the “light” side to come along? what do you think?

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Just do whatever you want.color is not important☺️


White and black magick are very, very misunderstood ideas, IMO, and probably should not even be used in the context many do.

LHP people can perform ‘white magick’ and RHP people canuse ‘black magick’. It happens all the time.

White magick is magick that is used to develop the self, where ‘black magick’ is magick used to effect anything other than the self.

But here is where it gets murky. For example, internal (or infernal) alchemy used to ascend and develop yourself is a kind of white magick, whether it is being done by a member of the HOGD or one who walks the path of Ahriman, or even a person who is working with Belial. But, if any of those same people were to then try a healing ritual for someone else without first removing the ego gratification from the act, it is black magick; even if the recipient is willing and the spell is cast with the best intentions. It is black magick because it is not coming from the unclouded perspective of an ascended being.

It’s weird, right?

Also, RHP and LHP are not restricted to working with certain types of magick or entities. Many angelics have no issues working with daemonics, though many daemonics and angelics have issues with true demonics. You might be surprised what entities are considered demons that are actually angelics. Call on Gabriel, then call on King Paimon, and really try to feel their presences. They could be ‘cousins’, to use a base human comparison.

It is not neutral par se, IMO, but it does come from a more balanced perspective that is more in synch with existence. I am not there yet, but it seems like many advanced long term practitioners tend to become neither LHP or RHP, use neither white or black magick; they just are, and they are magick.


Only if that is your intention. When I made a Spirit Board (Ouija is a brand), I put the Chi-Rho Symbol on the board with the express intention of weeding out “darker” entities, and I was successful.

So, if you’re putting a downward pointing pentagram just because you like the shape, it’s not going to so anything energetically. But, if you put on a downward pointing pentagram, with the intention of drawing “darker” entities, then that’s what’sgoing to happen.


The craft is an art, and as such it must include elements of darkness to be truly appreciated. You would never find a great work of art that doesn’t include shadow. It is balance.


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i am really looking forward, to know some demons and angels. thank you all very much for every opinion, helps me a lot, to find my own way. further comments are very welcome.


I see multiple people typing and I get the popcorn out.

That said, light and dark/yin and yang/ negative and positive/ whatever is the two things that the universe is made of, and the one thing both are made of from both of those is energy.

Light and dark and their various configurations and arrangements give birth to everything and anything, one alone is useless for anything except bricking yourself.

Crippling yourself with only using one is cutting your arm off and wondering why you can’t do as much as you used to be able too.

When it comes to separation like light and dark, its important to realize that both are energy, and your concept of energy is by nature of being a concept and thus by association limited to itself is a false view, the truth is always more complicated than the lie.

As for angels and demons fighting or the lack thereof, who gives a shit? Melek Taus, the lord of the djinn and the world. The peacock god with 7 hues who’s both Iblis and the angel of Allah.

Neither Light nor Dark could stand on its own, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some opposition but in the end even the most opposite forces have a reason for eachother.


Apologies if this was already mentioned (I was skimming) but…
The way E.A. put it is that black magick is magick that has tangible results. It’s magick that makes things happen. Exercising your will upon the universe, as it were.

So yes, lots of white magicians do use black magick, if we are using that definition.

As far as mixin and matchin goes…you can do whatever methods work for you. I personally am a big believer in Balance, in all things.