Christian, Jewish, and Muslim missionaries are out in the world proselytizing as we speak. Christian missionaries have turned areas in Africa into places that burn witches and non-believers. The same things happen in areas that were overtaken by Muslim crusaders or missionaries. But still the three headed abomination still spews it’s venom. Mormons are expected to go on a mission if they are male. I’m going to do something about it. Is anyone here with me willing to work magically against these backwards thinking evangelists?

I was literally drafting a post off and on today about something very like this! Spooky… :slight_smile:

I answer the door in the nude. I find this tactic quite effective at deterring most solicitors.

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[quote=“DiscordianBliss, post:3, topic:9405”]I answer the door in the nude. I find this tactic quite effective at deterring most solicitors.[/quote] I’ve had friends ask them if they wanted to help sacrifice a goat. Another effective method.

I blare heavy metal and scream ‘satan’ or I’ll write a bunch of demonic sigils on my arm when they come. They usually respond with ‘so you like to doodle?’ rolls eyes you bastards know wtf is on my arm don’t play games with me…

@frater magni
I’ll work with you to work against them

I also lie my ass off and pretend like I’m genuinely interested in what they’re saying and then trash their shit when they leave.

I let it rip to a couple of Mormons who tried to knock on my door after years of politely telling them I was not interested. I saw them open my front gate and heading towards my door and opened the door myself. Then shouting at the top of my voice, i let them know exactly what I thought about them and their religion… as I shouted, neighbours and people across the road came out to see what the noise was about. You should have seen the look on those two Mormons faces… since then, they have not knocked on my door again… that was four years ago,… and counting…

So how are we going to this frater?

[quote=“Nightingale, post:8, topic:9405”]So how are we going to this frater?[/quote] PM me and we’ll figure something out together.

Sent my pm

I’m in but how would you go about it.

Counter track to give them when they knock at the door is quit funny hahsha

Counter track?

Last time Mormons knocked on my door I was high as King Kong’s balls.

They haven’t been back.

If you want to get one over on the Mormon Missionaries look up “Temple of the God-Makers” as a former Elder, I can tell you that everything in that video is true.

Yup you made or find Lets say Satanic Track and you give them to them, basicly while they try to preach you their Abrahamic BS, you preach them ‘‘Adverserial Stuff’’ most of the time they run away fast, Nearly as much as when a Christian Told me he’s gonna pray for me and i told him i will as well :stuck_out_tongue: