Missing the Point

Everybody on here talking about asking demons for help whilst entirely missing the point of what they teach by the very symbolic potency of their mythic presence.

The demonic power is in you. Asking a demon for help is like a cat begging for treats, it’s pathetic and obnoxious. Do yourself a favor and take the reins of your individuality.

Become the demon.


Have you 1. done this yourself and 2. attained at least some results to equal or surpass the things listed in The BALG repository of fantastical success stories with Magick?

Because if not, this come across as self-aggrandisement and insulting the whole forum. :thinking:

Please share some results you have attained in life, money, housing, love/sex, or other areas where you have done this (become the demon) and thereby made a tangible observable difference to improve your own life. :+1:


I don’t think they’re missing the point. It’s one way of doing magick, many if not most members here know that already and prefer this method for one reason or another. Personal choice.

Also please keep in mind that this is EA’s forum. And his main work is focused on invocation-evocation of spirits and asking them, without begging or praying. So it makes sense that most discussions are around this technique.


What did you say about cats?!

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Most people here know the Daemon is an internal and external force. If you read more you’d notice this already.
Best of luck to you “becoming the demon”.


Yea I was absolutely sure I wrote something similar but I guess I never posted it :smiley_cat:
I don’t see anything wrong with being a cat! Usually people say “awwww how cute! Here, take a treat!” and not “ewww how pathetic… Take a treat.” :cat2:


It’s like I was being held captive, bag over my head, for the duration of the past, only ever accumulating knowledge and conjecture and understood how to drive, but didn’t know what fuel to use. Its feels like the bags been removed and fuel I’d been searching for was sitting in a folder amongst bullshit apps, never used. The rabbit hole.

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You have never achieved anything in life that someone else helped you with, that allowed you to develop and grow?

Yeah, I call bullshit on that one.

You were once a baby, just like everyone here, and sure as you were born, you used to cry when you needed food, water, warmth, etc…just like everyone else. Not so different from asking a spirit for help, IMO.

While I do absolutely agree with you regarding drawing strength from within, there is no shame in asking for help when it is warranted.

Besides, when you call upon spirits, odds are they are going to do very little more than show up unless you approach the interaction from a position of authority. Authority does not ask. It tells. I hesitate to use the word ‘command’ but in a way that is also true.

If you are begging they aren’t likely to do much. If begging worked well then your average church goer would be manifesting their will all the time through spiritual channels. But they seldom do.

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Although we are beings of great, usually untapped, power, sometimes you need help to properly control and assimilate it in your life. Yes, it does beg the question about why celestial or infernal or whoever spirits would care about humanity. At the same time however, there is much to learn from others, humans or otherwise.

The psychological paradigm of many strands of modern magick is by far half of the story. There are workings that I have read about and have experienced that have occurred without a hitch with no corresponding effects of state of mind and Will. Yes, Will is great but only when evoking your own power. It is seemingly irrelevant when going beyond. Tapping into the cosmic and its many masks, you find things are grey.

One should not become the demon, or angel, or whatever. Use their examples to further yourself.

It srsly does not seem like many people on this forum have actually fully realized this, though.

There are newer Magicians who haven’t yet, that’s true but others just have personal preference on how they preform ritual and Magick.

Personally, I always though cats begging for treats was cute… and I usually respond in a high pitched voice with ‘what a good kitty’ and indulge them :rofl:. Couldn’t at least some demons think this way as well?

Overall, though, I agree with you, and am striving for this among other things.

I agree with ya, OP! The universe is you observing yourself, so asking for handouts- help with no bill attached- is bound to saturate your universe with similar situations, AKA people asking for handouts or wanting things of you for no return.

This is why contracts rock the universe! They’re ways people can bind each other into courses of action, which are especially necessary when you don’t know what people are capable of or willing to do. Everything’s got a price, so by making a contract, you nail a fixed rate and show the world you mean business. Business is important, because it indicates intelligence that is open to communication and advancement- the essence of ‘living gods’! :slight_smile:

Show those universes that yours can do business AND pleasure, and you’ll light up as a candidate for more evolution-related programs! Variety, balance, and curiosity are the cornerstones of spiritual progress. :slight_smile:

Yah, except some things are intangibly impurchasable except through proxy of template, which is illusory.

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Yep! Sometimes, people just need to figure it out themselves. The really smart ones don’t need to be told much! They’ll work things out on their own if they’ve got the juice.