Missing person help

So there a girl missing and I was wondering if there was any magic out there to help find her or at least help the chances of finding her better?


Well it depends on how personal you know the girl? When I lose something I just go to the last place I saw it and concentrate on it and let it go. Like breathing in and breathing out. When you breath in you breath in her energy and meditate on it and when you breath out it flows outwards and it kind of outlines everything for you. Then I just follow my feelings when your ears feels really hot that means you are getting closer to where the person or whatever your looking for is close by or it could mean she or that item was in that spot long enough to leave a mark. If she was in one spot maybe someone around that place saw her?

This might not help you but this is how I know when someone in my family is feeling bad and I try to cheer them up.

You can try asking some if they can make a spell for you? Sorry I’m not much help…


The CIA uses remote viewers. Most of them do not claim to be magicians, but certian skills sets are helpful. Photographers and painters are good at holding images in their heads. Lawyers and writers are good at picking out words.

The trick is to take it for what it is. Remote viewing gives you something better than a wild guess. Sometimes it’s dead on, sometimes it’s totally wrong. An expert can expect 7/10 “first look”, as in seven out of ten times the target will be in the first place you look.


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OHopefully she is found. My friend who is a Pranic healer usually tries to sense the chakras to see if the person is still alive.

When one of the hikers we knew was missing, she was constantly scanning for his chakras. For two days she was able to feel him but on the third she announced that he is dead and she was spot and the lost hiker was found dead. :frowning:

In Konstantinos book Summoning Spirits, there is a spirit named Hiepacth who helps find missing persons