Missed twice, now what?

I tried my hand at a curse, and while it has obviously had an effect the target has evaded actual harm twice. So now what? Should I continue to wait, or reinforce the effort? I used a simple candle spell, nothing fancy.

Maybe evoking a Spirit that is specialised in Baneful Magick, i know that Marbas the Goetic Spirit. can afflict him with Disease, Also the Office of the Spirit Focalor is the Slay men and Drown them in Water, and there is many more Spirit you could Evoke.

Also the God Nergal have also a Title : Sa Haati, meaning Of the Sword, So Calling upon Nergal Sa Haati to Destroy your Ennemis will be Very Effective.

Here’s an Call to Nergal Sa Haati, From the Book Maskim Hull :

Be sure to Enter theta Gamma Sync Before and Reach the Rapture State While Reciting this Incantations, Rocking Back and Forth while reciting it is Very Useful to reach the Proper state and focus on your Goal while reciting this Incantation, after reciting this hymm offer offering of Incense to Nergal
and know that your ennemy is already dead


To Conquer and align with the powers of darkness
This is a hymn to Nergal sa haati (Nergal of the Sword) in reference to
the god as one of darkness and war, the Lord of the Great Land i.e.
underworld. The use of ‘Mes-lam-ta-ea’ meaning ‘he who came forth
from mes-lam’ is the cult center of Nergal in Cuthah and a temple

Nergal sa haati!
Nergal lutta’id qarrad ilani gasru supu mar Bel
(Nergal, let me glorify, the hero of the gods, the powerful, the
brilliant one, the son of Bel)

Who alone conquers with the Sebitti!
Behold, thy weapon which scatters rays of brilliance, that
which cuts down thy enemy!

Hail the forceful flash and the power of the will!
Raise forth through your temple Nergal storm-bringer!
Hail thou God of Pestilence, N ergal, bring the sickness of
spirit to my enemy and overthrow their attempts to harm

Thou Splendid Forces of Nergal, adorned in the Horned
Nergal ilu ezzi sa puluhti u rasubbatu(Nergal, the powerful god, fear and terror fills his hand)

Nergal, Lord of the Underworld, who resides also in the
Sun hearken to me!
Nergal, who directs the Sebitti in war bring thou splendid
forces to me!
Nergal who walks at my side and directs thou army before

I shall conquer and destroy my enemy and challenges!
By achieving Victory do I honor the Temple of Nergal!
Ilu ellu sa zimu-supu kima nur samas
(Glorious god, whose figure shineth with mighty splendor like the
light of the sun god)

Hail thou the ancient one, who is the overthrower!
Thou eye of Black Burning Flame, who strikes down the

Mes-lam-ta-ea en Anunnaki na sid-du
(Mes-lam-ta-ea, Lord of the Anunnaki, who openeth the gates)
Nergal, who is mighty and with a fiery surrounding in
which you are encircled, who raises the Lion-Mace!
Nergal, who takes the form of the Lion-Dragon raise thy

Prince of Wisdom, leader who is illuminated!
Who destroys the fruitful earth, bringing darkness!
To devastate the insolent is thy pleasure!
To devour the souls of who do not see you!
Nergal Ida Arrakatu!

(Nergal, whose arm is long referring to plague sending)
Hail thou Nergal! ILU IDLU!
Ruler of the Storm, thou King of Battle Nergal!

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What links to the target have you used?

By links I mean a name, picture but what else

A picture is usually good, If you dont , just write their name on a Piece of Paper

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Better to have a more personal link

A date of birth, a parents name. If possible get DNA personal effects.

I’m an empath. I have the targets signature pattern, what is found in residual form on personal objects. Up side, this link is instant and unblockable. Down side, it seems to lack a certain solidity or immediacy. I might be able to find a personal object, or picture, but I didn’t use such before.

So far the results have been impressive for such a modest spell. The neighbor tried to kill them with a hammer, but target was armed, and electrical short almost caused a fire, but was detected with only minor charing. If this spell will eventually work then I don’t want to mess things up by meddling. If it just wasn’t powerful enough then I want to step things up. I’m just not sure which is the wisest course.