Misguided or incorrect information from an entity

Has anyone here ever been given inaccurate or misleading information from an entity - for example “He’s NOT married” and then you find out that he is (possibly very happily so)?

If so why would this be the case or what would account for this huge inaccuracy in a situation?

Has anyone encountered this?

Thank you in advance.


Ok, it’s been about 24 hours, I take it that either I’ve misinterpreted something I have seen in the physical world as being a relationship and family, or the entity had grounds to tell me that he is not/no longer married.

I’m not sure if Duke Dantalion has been known to tell people what they want to hear, but that would seem totally out of character. He’s given me so much accurate information that how could he be off to this degree?

It simply makes no sense, and it’s dropped me into a low mood for a few days which hasn’t helped as I’ve not been meditating properly or wanting to connect with him.

I’m at a loss with this, some help would be appreciated.

how you word things is very important. I try to avoid yes and no answers and ask the entity to explain in full the situation. have you tried divination while in communication with the entity? I find asking them to communicate via tarot works pretty well if I can’t hear them

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I’m sorry you’ve been feeling this way! Can I please ask which method did you use to ask the question? Example:pendulum, cards etc

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Actually the Duke has told me off regarding my online Tarot.

I’m not that great at interpreting and have seen other meanings in cards, ie certain cards relate to me, to meditation (4 cups, 4 swords), to the bindings we have on one another (8 swords)… I’ve tried to read the cards via Tarotverbatim site and they make sense. But nothing has indicated that he’s married, divorced yes, as have been I.

When I talk to the Duke, I get a load of information about how he’ll feel, what he’ll think, his immediate reaction (actually more my own was sit through presentation at conference and then see others go talk to him, but I then had another talk to go to, so nothing).

Perhaps I need to have a chat with the great Duke again.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I simply asked the flame and the Duke responded, together with photo gazing (I know that sounds weird - it’s a higher self connection) - I write down everything.

He’s been accurate so far as have all the other entities.

Oh missed off a bit, I have a stupid online tarot addiction, so I can’t judge accuracy there. Some of it hits home and true, but it keep asking the same question. I know it’s dumb, and I have no idea why I am sabotaging myself like this.

I also contacted a psychic friend who suggested that the man and I have a past life connection, hence all this wild nonsense.


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This may sound silly, but were you certain to word the question as it pertain’s to the person’s current state? In other words, the person was not always married; perhaps Dantalion spaced out and answered you truthfully, but as time really doesn’t mean much to them from our perception of it, the answer was not relevant to your ‘current’ point in time.

Or he could have been messing with you. They are not obligated to be honest in most scenarios, IMO. Also, this is the third time recently that I have heard on BALG of someone having issues with the duke of one kind or another.

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This may or may not be helpful. But, sometimes something can be true and false at the same time. For example someone very close to me is legally married but for the most part seperated. divorced in his mind, spiritually and romantically but legally married only for legal issues surrounding his child. Maybe relevant.


Also an extremely good point, IMO.

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Thank you all

I did a random Tarot thing through serennu -

Single card - does he find me attractive - result = Devil (!?) I am a devil Horsey… whatever sorry I didn’t take a screen dump on this.

Second time three cards - what are his thoughts on a relationship with me - result (I kid you not - screen dump)



I’m going to have to have a talk with the great Duke.

BTW ladies and gentlemen - those two draws of cards have been the only ones regarding these questions today.

Thank you everybody who has taken the time with this.

FYI - his son is 25 years old. We are both prehistoric - this makes all of this even more distasteful to some!

I’m sorry if I keep adding stuff - it’s not done to to keep changing variables - it’s due to decrepitness and forgetting relevant info.


You will find many theories or reasons to explain why and how this could possibly happen. You may try to master all those reasons to prevent this from happening. Which is the only positive outcome from this experience.

But this will happen again. Those reasons will be used again and again. The fact remains, magick is not an exact science. You will get wrong information from divination sometimes. And sometimes evocations and spells will not work.

We can only do our best, believe it and forget about it, until it reminds us of itself, or it doesn’t.

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A few days later and I finally summoned up the confidence and courage to interact with the Duke.

His response was that the man and woman present were of no consequence to what will happen or what is planned.

The process between us is a slow one due to age and commitments. There is more but I’m unclear if I can say.

I was guided to do a different ritual to the usual one, not one I’d seen or done before but essentially this was a means to commit to what I’m doing.

Forgive me but that’s as much as I can say without permission.

I have another ritual to do but I am concerned as I saw a tweet with an image of my beloved and he looks as if his sleep is disturbed or he’s unwell - I don’t want to make him ill with this.

Thank you to all who took time to respond.

Sometimes they can give you information that’s just not true.