Misas spiritual masses

I just know about the currents of espiritismo,21 divisions, Palo Mayombe and Santeria. InEspiritismo you have misas. They are kind of like seances I guess. Where the muertos of people possess them and give the people at the miss messages about their loves. Warnings or what ever with stuff coming up. And what they need to do to remedy the situations. The same with drummibgs in Palo and Santeria. And also 21 divisions parties. Does anyone know anything that’s done like this with demons and more Satanic beings? I. Would love to check that out. Im in these currents right now but I’m drawn to satanism. I live in nj and would love to meet up and partake in some real satanic rituals if possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I’m not sure if it’s what you’re asking, but Buné has given me access to my ancestors, and none of them (well apart from Uncle Varnaxis) were into Goetia or anything remotely like it.

The traditions you name have been mostly allowed to travel and express fully, whereas IMO the grimoiric methods we have are a mish-mash of different beings, even different “levels” of beings (old gods, elementals, egregores and even levels of consciousness) all mashed into one convenient cloven-hoofed form (so to speak) by Xian dogma which insists that anything that’s not their God, Jesus, or Holy Ghost must be evil and therefore demonic, so it’s less of a “clean” tradition and has less internal logic.

But Buné, who I believe to be the being known to the Egyptians as Buto or Wadjet, can provide communication with your ancestors that deliver warnings and advice, and also insights - not so much chit-chat, though, these are all pretty serious.

She created an astral resurrection body for my deceased parent last year, and that immediately began giving me useful advice, including things I found improbable at the time and which later turned out to be true, and quite serious/important.