Mirror exercise

Hi, I was intrigued by a video I saw recently by V.K. Jehannum about using a mirror and looking at my reflection in it in the dark.

I did it yesterday and I did see a bit of changes in my face but nothing scary happened. I did feel pretty low but I managed to write about some important stuff which helped me to process a little bit of some bad experiences.

I wasn’t looking forward to doing it today but I feel like this might help me to deal with some stuff. Today was a little different.

At first nothing major except some distortions happening with the silhouette of my head. Then I saw some kind of dark smoke or something lifting off the top of my head, which I thought could only be good. Then I noticed what looked like shadows moving on the other side of the door! I am here alone so there’s no one else here. Plus I live on a second floor so I don’t think it’s come from outside. That was creepy but I stayed with the exercise till five minutes were done.

Anybody have experiences seeing shadows? I have had that happened for years but it stopped happening years ago. Every now and then it happens again.


You can see shadows when you drop in theta gamma sync state! I did this exercise couple of times! For me everything goes dark and nothing there! I start in the dark barley seeing my reflection in the mirror then it gets darker than the dark… like I am in the abyss it self… when I tried it with a little light candle I saw my face change in the mirror! I saw my dad’s face… am a girl and I look nothing like my dad!


I had no idea, I had to look up theta gamma sync state :slight_smile: I also had the total darkness and my head disappearing into the darkness. Also looked like it was spinning or like if I was turning my face side to side really fast!

That’s really cool that you saw the image of your dad in the mirror! I’m gonna try it with a candle to see what I can see with it tomorrow.


I did the same procedure from VK’s site and after I used his chant for Shadowself things improved a lot.


Thanks @AlexandarMOstar, I am really interested in learning more about this. I hope it can help me too…
What is the chant called?

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All praise go to VK Jehannum.


Thank you for getting me this link, I’ll look at it now :grin:

I your dad alive or passed through the veil?

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:hugs: alive and well!

Did it right before i found BALG crazy experience.