Mirror Box

I have a friend who wants to make a mirror box. She has the photo although a copy of the person involved and a few items like black pepper, asafoetida, chilli, black mustard seeds mirrors. We have coloured candles also.

Is this enough to make this box? We have the box also but I was more worrying about the oils etc as she has nothing and I know you may need thingsike DUME oil etc.

Any advice? Thanks

Do you mean a cube made of mirrors with all the mirrors facing inwards?

Been meaning to make one of those myself. Someone here had the great idea to add black mirrors on the outside, which I think would make a fantastic scrying tool.

Yeah facing inwards to reflect the negativity back to the person.

That is plenty for a mirror box, only thing I would add is crab shell powder or a sachet powder for reversing work along with Agrimony as it is known for it’s reversing ability as well as it’s use in breaking curses that are already in place.

Take the stuff you mentioned and make a packet out of the person’s photo. Set it in the box and place some agrimony and powders over it, seal the box, place a ring of powder around the box to contain it and burn black candles on the box.

You can then either take it to the graveyard and bury it asking the dead to hold this person down and to pull them down closer to their death the more they attack or take it into the woods and bury it in a deep hole with a heavy rock on top and then cover with dirt, ask the spirits of the land to hold your enemy in place and keep them from reaching you. In both instances be sure to leave payment and offerings to the spirits and thank them for their help.

Follow up with a strong cleansing and forget it ever happened.

Thanks TWF, going to fo this soon, I read in a book you shatter the mirrors, is thst true? Seems odd but I want to get it right.

That is optional, some say keep the mirrors in one piece as they can’t escape their own reflection. Others say break them so they have more “mirrors” reversing the work back at them. I’ve never heard anyone ever bring up the 7 years bad luck thing so don’t worry about that.

Another 7 will do me no harm lol

If you smash the mirror imagine the astral form of your target right before smashing, inside the mirror.

During the smashing I close my eyes. 2 reasons: a) seeing yourself in it is considered bad luck b) you may get a piece of glass in your eyes…not good.

Other than that, good to go

When you say payment TWF do you leave coins at the entrance of the graveyard or forest or does it matter? Also if you don’t mind me asking is there a particular day that it would be best to do this, I have been searching everywhere on the internet for this, do you mind telling me if it is important to use a specific day? Thanks