Mirror and staff



That staff is pretty cool.


thats great, loving the staff.
here is definitely something for making your own ritual tools


Yea, the staff is a saruman staff replica with a quartz ball. The mirror I made with a clock from kmart and a paint pen


It turned out pretty nice, the surface is glass or plastic?




I actually have another staff exactly like the one in the picture for sale. Would take 210 which would include shipping If you lived in the states


Very nice. Any sealer on the mirror ?


nope just paint under the glass and paint on the frame


I have another one of those staffs for sale. It is made of steel, 76 inches long, 8 pounds… very good for demonic workings and I will include a little something extra that will definitely aid you in demonic ascent. The price is 200 but I may go down a little if you’re really interested. very heavy duty, will last you this life and maybe the next if you can keep your consciousness on this plane that long.