Miraculous healing of evil people

Upon reading articles of miraculous healings of people suffering from incurable illnesses(some example articles, https://vineyardusa.org/library/vineyard-stories-i-was-healed-of-als/, https://medium.com/cured-disease-naturally/the-woman-who-cured-multiple-sclerosis-11d2ebe47162, https://news.ag.org/news/obedience-leads-to-healing), is it mostly limited to the white light type of people and highly improbable for the dark side people(as in sociopaths, narcissists, evil people in general) to heal the same way?

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Everybody can be healed… don’t need to be a saint to.


The ones getting healed can be anybody, regardless of their faith and beliefs. The healer needs to follow a belief system, specially designed to cause healing.

It’s not as easy as it looks/sounds. Those healers have daily prayers, meditations etc they don’t just heal people at will. It may look that way. But for this to happen, a lot of spiritual preparation must take place.

LHP magick doesn’t offer this type of belief system and spiritual practice. Because it’s not a religion. It’s not about LHP vs RHP. You can achieve the same results if you follow similar system. But such system doesn’t exist in the LHP, especially in western black magick.

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There are theories about people with defective personalities instead being posessed, which is why there aren’t any genes linked to their psychological makeup, and thus no cure.

They can pass on their trauma which initiated the posession in the first place; or create a (traumatic) toxic environment as parents that breeds narcissistic children. This is how you can have a whole family of narcs or psychopaths. Sociopaths aren’t evil.