Miracle mastery

Has anybody here heard of the book by dave debold called miracle mastery, it gives you a straight forward way to unlock and even master the siddhis, i have a copy, legally i’m not allowed to send copyrighted material, i just doing this to give all of you a heads up, so if anyone is interested just type it in, it’s 27 dollars


The straight forward way:



Yes, but you need to know the correct ways to practice.


There are multiple roads leading to the same result. It really depends on what power you’re talking about.


Never heard of it before. What specifically about the book did you find the most helpful? Did it help you get results for yourself?

yeah you have a point their, well i was only trying to support the community, if you have another path then by all means go for it


A road’s a road, some people work better by books and others by experimenting. I happen to fall into the latter type.

Nonetheless, I intend to check out the book. Never know what you might find in an unexplored corner.

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yes it has help me to calm my mind and body with a technique called " deep relaxation technique"
And it offers to teach 16 different psychic skills, telekinesis, invisibility teleportation, shape shifting, materialization, levitation and more, look it up. the most helpful thing is that it broadens your world and has less limitations then magick, no offense

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True that!!!

There are a lot of different forms of the “deep relaxation” technique. I’ve experimented with several of them. They’re pretty useful and I still use them in my own practice.

No offense taken, but I think you’re probably lumping all forms of magick into one giant thing when there are certainly a wide variety of magickal techniques out there.

Thanks for your answer.


I know about vodoun magick, chaos magick, ceremonial magick, black magick, white magick, norse magick, thats all i know

[quote=“Supernatual, post:8, topic:12671, full:true”]
yes it has help me to calm my mind and body with a technique called " deep relaxation technique"[/quote]

Many things can do that.

Have you accomplished any of these in front of witnesses? I’m not being snarky asking but you’re saying that all of magick, which many of us on here have practiced with amazing (miraculous) results, is inferior, so some kind of support, over and beyond what the book promises, would be helpful to evaluate this claim. :slight_smile:


The only thing i hav done is made my body vibrate, which signals the start of teleportion and shape shifting, so most of my results are internal, i am in no way trying to bash magick, if it seemed like i did then i am truly sorry, just wanted to share something that can help all of us with ascent, thats the what we all want right?


That’s also what you can feel at the start of astral projection and when you activate your Kundalini. I can cause that through prolonged energy work.

In fact, I currently believe that raising your Kundalini is the key to all magickal development. I can’t prove it, but it’s where 90% of my focus is right now and it’s helping me “power up” my own work.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the book or you shouldn’t like it. I find psychic development exercises interesting and I’m always interested in learning about them.


For sure! :smiley:

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Its true that you do feel the same for kundilini and astral travel, but its about your intention mostly


i heard that that book is pure crap and beyond that not worth a dolkar best stick whit good old voodoo dools

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I have that book. I have to print it out because ebooks and I don’t get along much at all, but it’s a fantastic resource. I do prefer tactile work regarding energy, but that’s so far the only thing in the book I haven’t done. I think it’s good practice to talk to your subconscious.

Did you experience any of the listed abilities?

Still working on it. I wouldn’t let that stop anyone, though. After all, I still can’t see/hear spirits, properly use divination, or anything else that EA teaches, yet that doesn’t mean EA’s material is bad. His material is really good, it’s just that I’m a slow learner when it comes to this kind of thing. When it comes right down to it, I haven’t had any experiences with any kind of supernatural phenomena at all, but I know one day I’ll be able to perform evocation, astral travel, and the siddhi-like abilities in Miracle Mastery.

It’s not so much the book (as I’ve spoken with people who have had good success with it), it’s some kind of block that I personally have. The way things are laid out in the book makes total sense, and it lines up with the kinds of things taught by Micheal Monk in his Avatar Energy Mastery Institute.

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