Miracle Egregore

Hello everyone. I want to announce that after putting in some work to develop the basis for a servitor/egregore, I am finally ready to share what I have made. Many people on this forum often ask about powerful supernatural abilities akin to those seen in fiction but in fact demonstrated by many Yogic Masters in the East. So one day I thought to myself something (like many others on this forum), “Damn, if only these kinds of miracles were a bit easier to perform, we’d all be on easy street!”

And then something hit me. We have an egregore (Fotamecus) who can literally alter our own flow of time. So why not create a servitor to do all the things people have wanted in the miraculous ability sense? Well, that’s what I did, but the more people put into this thing, the more we can all get out (basic egregore power logic) and since it is generally agreed upon that it takes a ton of energy to pull off a miracle we’re going to need to spread this idea around. If anyone who’s ever wanted to see and use a miracle really wants to, please feel free to help out with this project.

Anyway, the servitor’s name is Magoomba. Yup that’s right. Named after the fictional voodoo god from the 1980’s punk rock song of the same name, it is easy to remember and fun to say. Properly his name would be “Magoomba, Giver of Miracles”. (This was the base intention from what I made his sigil).

Here is his sigil:

For those who don’t know how to charge a sigil with power, the key is to gaze at it softly until you see it flash, disappear, glow, or any combination of the above. (A big shout out to E.A. Koetting for his page on sigils, it helped me a ton :slight_smile:)

Anyhoo, feel free to respond, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


That sounds great! I am thinking of supercharging it with orgasms and sex magick.

Anyways what else can you tell us about it and how it works or like how to command it?


Well like I said I’ve mainly just laid the ground work for Magoomba, what I mean by that is that I’ve got his sigil, basic personality, and his own power source to feed on. I will share a cheat sheet in just a minute that goes over his basic stats. The main reason I shared him earlier on in his creation was so that we’d have a bunch of people beefing him up from the start. I’ll share the cheat sheet in just a sec…

Edit: Nothing yet in terms of commanding. I believe he needs a bit more strength first. :slight_smile:

Here is his cheat sheet of sorts:

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This is really interesting, def up for neimg involved in this.


Sigil def makes me think of some vampiric entity.

It’s funny actually, when I was designing Magoomba’s sigil at one point I added Veve (Voodoo sigil) like elements to it. Ultimately though I felt this would be too complicated for some people (including myself) just wanting to be able to draw it efficiently so that led me to refine it into it’s final design.

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