Mini cleansing exercise

Greetings folks. I made this method up in shower while I was preparing for an evocation and it world pretty well and I hope you guys benefit from this too.

1.Stand under a warm/hot shower and stretch (Minor movements would suffice, focus on stretching your back/spine and arms)

2.Imagine yourself covered in black oil. Make sure that the layer of oil on your body is thick. Visualize the words, “Fear”, “failure” and “doubt” on your body, meaning imagine they are written on the layer of black oil all around your body.

3.Once the black oil layer feels real to you, focus on the warm water that’s splashing on your body from the shower. Slowly visualize the black oily layer dissipating and being washed down to the ground and eventually into the sink. Visualize the water on the ground as being black and muddy.
Take your time with this part and do not rush. Ideally, you should feel as though the oil is washed off slowly rather than quickly.

4.While the oil is being washed off, visualize a white glow emanating from your skin. Continue this till all the oil has been washed off and you’re radiating the above mentioned white glow. I find it more effective to visualize a subtle white glow as compared to a bright shiny white light, though you might wanna shift things around.

5.At this point, you should be feeling pretty peaceful and confident.
Scoop up some water using both of your hands from the shower head and stare down into it. Visualize it being, muddy and black as before and see the words, “fear”, “failure” and “doubt”.

6.Spit into the water and throw it onto the ground, visualizing the muddied solution entering the drain. Repeat this thrice and you should be good to go.

Note:“fear” , “failure” and “doubt” can be replaced with other words as well and is not a constant. I’m aware this is not rocket science or a miraculous discovery, but I hope it will be useful to some of you.
Thank you.


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