Mind magick only?

I’m new here. I actually made an account a few weeks ago but then deleted it because I was worried about something so this is my 2nd time trying this all out. I came back because I was reading through the posts and I was interested. So the thing is I’m more into mind magick, using your mind only to get results, I’m not at all interested in demons or angels or other entities at all. Is there anyone else like me here and what would be the best part of the forum to post my questions in if I don’t want answers about making a pact or talking to entities?


Well Law of attraction is magick and all you need for that is your mind


Magick itself is all in the mind so…everything on the forum applies :slight_smile:


That’s what magick is… my main work is with the mind only. I contact spirits for guidance but not spell work. I suggest you should focus on Chaos magick forum here. Chaos magick is all based on the mind. If this is your first time doing magick I suggest you start with the law of attraction as practice before you start doing magick. It will be very helpful. But if you’re ready to start then by all means, go ahead. If you need any help let me know anytime.


The three broad fields of purely “mental magic” that come to mind are energy work, astral projection, and psionics. They all work differently. Each could very well take a lifetime of study to master.


On my greatest Ayahuasca journey I was told that all you need is your mind. Another thing, as an interesting side note for the thread I was shown was that everything is always synchronized, all things are connected to everything else every which way, and it’s up to you how many meaningful connections you see, and that nature always has your best intentions in mind, if it seems like your struggling it’s because you are resisting a certain change.

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Solid advice. You can do chaos magick in a trance with your eyes closed, no tools, if you want. No evocations, no pacts.

Meditation no matter what discipline.

Also Hermetics. I saw law of attraction mentioned, but all that really is is a version of Hermetics.

Other things you may wish to explore are Jungian theory, NLP, AO Spare, and be sure to keep up to date on new goings on in physics, especially the fringe stuff.


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