Mind Machines

Has anybody used the mind machines available to help getting into the right state for evocation or skrying? I would think that full materialization could be easier to achieve with help training your brain waves with these machines.

I tried binaural brainwaves, but absolutely no effect, it just disturbed me…

I tried binaural brainwaves, but absolutely no effect, it just disturbed me…[/quote]

Ditto! Never “felt right” after using those things … using them, I somehow felt - I don’t know - intruded upon? out of alignment with myself? like there was something else in my mind besides ME. Did not like at all! :wink: Z

I’ve found them to be mildly effective for the beginner but I wouldn’t use them too much as I think overuse might turn it into a crutch. Other than that I think they’re perfect for getting used to what the theta/gamma state feels like.

ya dude, I totally agree. I’ve used them and have found them to be, not so much effective as altering. They definitely alter you. I don’t think they would be as effective as a good meditation track or a bowl, chime, forks, etc.
Even if you got them to really work for you though, getting back to why I responded, I would also be worried about ending up relying on it, or worse yet, actually needing it to get into a trance.

I dont use the beats for meditation unless it is noisy in my house at the time. i use binaural theta beats for sleep every night though. for me they help lucid dream like i have never in my life. before i used the theta beats my dreams would be like one page to 3 pages long. now they are 10 or more pages long. having 4 or 5 back to back. i am aware of my surroundings. aware that i am in the astral realm and do not have that much time. thats when i start looking for boys to do naughty things with.LOL

i think the reason many don’t get results with brainwave machines is because they use them wrong.

brainwave machines output their tones as sound, but they are not meant to be heard, they are meant to be felt.

from what i’ve been told, instead of sending those tones into earphones or speakers, send the tones from a brainwave generator or neurophone into a double-wrapped copper caduceus coil. that creates a scalar wave that affects reality very powerfully.

you have to be careful of the frequency, though. scalar waves are very potent and some of their frequencies can do major damage to the human body and electrical equipment, so caveat emptor.

I had and i still have Great results with Binaural and ISO beats

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