Mind Control Spell In A Simplified Form

Hey greetings to anybody,

First I just wanna state my discretion to make the whole workings seems simplified to me because I just wanna make this even more minimalistic i am calling upon Dantalion, and the method that I pick is to call him by his enn and meditate on his sigil.

Then I would gaze directly to the picture of the target I want to influenced burning with passion or just an emotions surrounding it then state to Dantalion my intent to influence that target and dismiss him cheerfully. Now is this a super efficient options to make it more minimalist less reliance on tools?

Apparently I am just trying to build a relationship with the said entity and my astral senses aren’t opened yet but does listening to his enn very often would open my senses too?

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It would attune you to his energy not necessarily do anything with your senses right away, it would be a slow route imop as a stand-alone. Over time it would affect your clairsentience or ability to feel energy the most.

Enns basically bring the entities energy into your presence- kinda like displaying one of my servitors on your wall would.

It lets it flow direct to you, from wherever it’s supposed to be coming from when you access it with the enn.

It’s the same as visualizing light entering your chakras from the cosmos or some like picture, it basically is to establish a channel/link and flow of energy.

The difference is it’s sound instead of pictures, but it’s basically a reference for the mind that says you want access/to drawn down or into you this particular energy

If you want to develop your senses I recommend focusing on your physical senses more and trying to notice what you don’t normally notice.

For example if you are on your phone right now, you are probably looking only at the screen what you are reading or writing.

But what else can you see without moving your eyes? I can see the floor, a kitchen floor mat, two table legs, a lunch box, a pile of stuff I can’t quite discern what is without looking, a few shadow like things, a flash of light, a coffeee pot…

I can smell the tree in the kitchen, last nights soup, dawn dish soap.

I can taste coffee, cigarettes and the smell of my husbands aftershave from being to close too soon after he sprayed it. I kinda taste my toothpaste still if I really focus on that.

I can hear the refrigerator, a car, my husband outside, the neighbors next door…

I haven’t even gotten to what I can feel energetically yet, but I’m at the point I could project, journey, evoke or simply go about life in full color and all I did was focus on my physical senses.

All of them, at the same time.

If you can do this while doing nothing your on the right track to some crazy full on spiritual experiences, being able to do it and listen to someone or type or walk down the street and keep your awareness rather than get lost or hurt is like a level up from that and even of course there’s more than that too.

That’s the easiest way imop, all the other stuff focusing on imagination or visualization will progress you, but ultimately the deeper you possess your physical body, the deeper you will possess your spiritual body and senses.

I’ve read a few times the more grounded you are the easier it is to project and this kinda true, but would be better explained another way since we tend to look at grounding as doing the opposite.

It helps us get more in touch with the senses that actually do lead to the rest because we are focused on the physical and staying here in this world.

Perfect possession of one’s own body I like to call all of the above in a nutshell.