Mind constantly attacking me durring spiritual awakening

Guys I dont know what is this but durring my spiritual awakening I started to have constant intrusive voices or thoughts that are really annoying. It happened you too? What this means? I heard that its an EGO that trying to survive and Fighting for its power but sometimes I feel like schizophrenic and its insane this thought chatter and voices are fucking insane.Or it is clairaudiance? This awakening process is fucking hell ride sometimes.It is like Ego death.In the begining of my awakening there was some panic attacks and derealization but now there is this mind mumbling chatter that can’t be stoped.

Well. Everyone goes through their own subjective experience. In my experience, the ego/individual self/conscious brain will do everything in its power to distract you, with anxiety and worry and intrusive thoughts, to try and hold you back from ascension. Change is scary, especially change to your deep subconscious self, and your conscious brain tries to fight change & the unknown by embroiling you in past worries.

Try and pull yourself back a level. “i am not my thoughts/feelings, I AM the one who experiences my thoughts/feelings.” They don’t have control over you unless you concede control and lose yourself in them.


It happened to me too yes. It’s kinda like these thoughts we surpress at the back of our mind and once we walk these paths and open ourselves up, they come flooding in.

The maddening feeling can also be a dormant fear.

Don’t fight it. If it’s very strong then maybe do some visual or verbal cues to reduce how it makes you feel (whenever I fear I’m summoning a dangerous entity, I banish for example). Also look into shadow work.

Lastely when showering, visualize your preferred color light surrounding and purifying you.


This mental chatter is horrible sometimes its crazy like the mind fight for surviving I want peace in mind finaly I want to be over


It is very overwhelming at first. I feel you.

Be sure to balance your magick with something mundane like a sport or hobby.


If you are willing to accept the possibility of schizophrenia or mental illness, then check for signs and symptoms or head to your doctor and get checked out, however many of the suggestions, especially physical activity of sorts or grounding exercises can be good in balancing out the mind.
It could also be clairaudience, though once again, that should be checked for signs as not to fool yourself.
It could also very well be that you have pushed yourself too far, too fast and had a forced awakening or opening, and by the sounds you’re certainly not happy with the experiences, take a step back and give the spiritual a little rest, would be my ultimate suggestion, focus more on the physical.

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Same thing happen to me… Is devastating obsession