Is there some ritual, spell, spirit that could help me with this unbearable pain?

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I have no knowledge of this either, but I would like to know. My mother has this regularly and it would be nice to rid her of this.

Here’s something I watched my friend do before he never taught me how but I learn best by watching anyways, what he did was ball up a bunch of gold energy and just basically slap you in the face with it I have attempted once on my own and it seemed to help a little.

Sorry if that’s unread able I’ll answer any questions just had a little one wanting my attention

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There’s really two things that work for me for migraines. One is similar to what RiseorDie was mentioning, there’s an energy meditation helps. Find a rock, doesn’t have to be a crystal, a regular rock for me works. Hold it in your fist And dump all the pain and energy from the migraine into it. This is a bit of a minor help but will take the edge off at least. Second thing I do is some kind of headache pill, excedrin works wonders, hard to focus with the things.


I might know a herbal potion that might help, plus you could work with Dionysus too

I eat some lemons and have chamomile tea when it happens… this works for me usually…