Midnight Visions

Ever since I have started regular meditation I have been receiving visions in an interesting way. Usually after a disturbing dream jolts me awake in the middle of the night I find that if I relax and focus on my third eye that visions will appear.

Usually I will see in my mind what looks like steam rising and then the vision right after that. Most of the time the visions I see are landscapes, the inside of other peoples houses with people walking around, and some entities looking right at me. Last night I actually saw a cartoon character with a pig snout for a nose moving around, blinking his eyes and trying to get my attention. I never expected a vision to take the form of a cartoon character, lol.

At first I thought these were dreams, but these images that appear after the steam rising I can actually see with my eyes open. However I only see an outline of the image when my eyes are open and when I close them again the vision is in full detail with bright colors.

I just thought I would share since I thought it was interesting. I’m also interested in if any others receive visions in a similar way. These visions usually only last a few minutes and only after a disturbing dream but I’m not sure why that is yet.

Perhaps certain entities want to make contact with you?

Yes, It does seem like that but I’m not sure which one.

I recently saw a video by a self-realized spiritual master in India. He said there are three ways to instantly raise spiritual energy in the body. These are: Fear, Greed, or Meditation, however the first two methods will leave you drained after a while.

So I guess the fear from the dream is energizing me. That combined with the near sleep state and the natural DMT produced by the brain late at night make a nice combination to receive visions.

 Per brain-research, the Brain can be seen to have an ongoing constant "dream-vision" state going (on an unused channel-Screen so to speak), some accelerated learning is based upon becoming aware of that "image-stream"   

(distinct from Dream,which may- or may not- be partly inspired/informed by that… say the “self-commentary” brain talking-to-itself, vs a BigDream which has a self-concrete vividness).

if its like wakingup- but still being half asleep and sort of noticing a TV playing some show you don’t recog… that sort of distracted-feeling, sort of out of the corner of your (mind’s) eye, and a thought of, ‘whas that?’ -that sounds a bit familiar … seems to be a type of “wandering spirits” and yet mixed with actviated skrying

[I had for a while this vision where it was like watching a show that had people walk “on camera” from stage-R or stage-L, then look at the camera, smile and walk-off… and the next person… and that would happen for a while- till later, when it “tuned in again” then at some pt I noticed it wasn’t on… weird.]

anyway- that might be different from your exper, just a relation

I note some things “sensed” aren’t actual visual, but are represented/‘translated’ into…
and some are like realizing you have like 30 different TV screen-shows being electronically input into your brain… but rather than the “optic nerve” (or sound via hearing-nerves)… its other nerves… so have to pay attn via those 'other places"
-like things that have been going on, which you just suddenly realize, ah (and how to integrate, so they don’t all overlap)