Middle Pillar for Black/Demonic Magicians

The formula of the middle pillar for qliphothic magicians varies. This one uses the names of The Satan.
This is the names of the undivided adversary - the pandimensional adversary, you use these names to connect to the spirit of man but also to the spirit of the infinite abyss of the chaos within earth and in man.
Unfortunately there are no names for AZRT or HVHJ listed in the same formal traditional manner as those of the golden dawn, but for Satan there is a traditional name formula used in Qliphothic praxis.

Envision the Shadow of the self beneath the earth, unite with it through the floor in which you stand and lose sense of gravity, feel the energy rise from there.

FEET TO ROOT (Nahemoth) - AKAL-ESH-SHACHOR which means the Consuming Black Fire.

SACRAL (Gamaliel) - THELI-ELYON which means Theli - Dragon most High

HEART (Tagirion) - SAMAEL-ACHER which means Poison of the Other God

THROAT TO THIRD EYE (Da’at) - NAKASH-HAKADMONI which means Ancient Serpent

CROWN (Thaumyal) - MELECH HA MELEKIM which means King of Kings

SOUL STAR (Chasek(ain sof aur) Bohu(ain sof) Tohu(ain) - AU-SHEH-AIY-BOHM

Which means ASHABM, a mystical acronym for “Aur She Ain Bo Machshavah” - A name for the manifest thoughtless black light of the nightside.


I like that. Does it function as a RHP middle pillar Ritual? Do you circumambulate the light through your energy centers?

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Not sure what you mean at all, but - I’ve stated that the energy comes from the “Shadow of the self” - that which is beneath the earth, thus from the core of the earth you draw the energy from the lowest points all the way to the highest.


Some of the confusion might be from the standard middle pillar, where light is drawn down from above, and goes down five spheres in all to the feet.

This Middle Pillar is not like that. Much like chakras, it comes from the earth upward.

Sorry … just noticed I meant this for a different thread. Still applies though I think.

Yes. This is simply because in LHP, in Tantra and in various other gentile practices you call on the inner powers to exalt them into the outer sphere, not call on the outer sphere to enter the inner self.


Ok this is what I thought also, thx :+1:


Tohu Bohu Chasek

Chao ab ordo


Thank you for clarifying this, this is how I thought it was to be also.

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