Microcosmic orbit

Hii, so i want to create powerful servitors, and i saw that developing my microcosmic orbit is essential to make them powerful but i have no idea what is it or how to develop it. So i was hoping you guys could help me?

The microcosmic orbit is a minor energy circuit. It involves circulating the body’s energy from the perineum up the spine, over the head, and down the front of the body. In qi gong, it is developed as a precursor to a larger circuit known as the macrocosmic orbit, which is basically the Taoist equivalent of the Kundalini from Hindu yoga. You can find exercises for developing it in books by Mantak Chia as well as some New Age magical books, like Jason Newcomb’s Sexual Sorcery.

Some magicians like to use the Taoist microcosmic orbit instead of the Hindu chakra system for energy cultivation.