Micheal Bertiaux

I was read the voudon work book and Michael Beetiaux speaks of two kinds of brotherhoods. One of phallic light and the other of those who gather at night and do things he doesn’t describe.

Where can I find more information on this brotherhood he doesn’t speak much of? Does this cult or current have a name? Are there any published magicians who speak on this sect of persons and/or magicked in depth?

He begins to speak of them on page 31 for anyone who needs a reference of what I’m talking about.

While all currents are valid sources of spiritual growth, and while I do not want to contribute to the “One true v00d00” idea that has been springing up on the internet, I feel obliged to let you know that Micheal Bertauix is not a highly regarded source in many occult circles in the sense that you couldnt call what he does voodoo anymore than you could call a pleidian channeler a goetic evocator.

I’m not sure I recall the name. It might have been the Choronzon Club, but it might have been a group inspired by them. Mr. Bertiaux was once semi-famously quoted as saying that homosexual sex magic was the “magic of the future,” or words to that effect, if that helps you at all.

What would be a good source of information? Or what would be a good starting point of study for voudon/hoodoo etc…?

Well for Hoodoo lucky mojo.com is a widely recognized reliable source for traditional conjure and rootwork.

As for Voodoo, we have a forum member here named granchemin (hope he doesnt mind that I name dropped him) who practices voodoo. Before querying him do your basic research on google there are a lot of good sources for the religious aspect of voodoo if you are interested.

I appreciate the both of your help.

Jeeze, guys, I’m not that unapproachable… lol

This is absolutely right. Michael Bertiaux propagates an extremely idiosyncratic version of hoodoo and voodoo. Some regard him as an Anton LaVey-type fraudster. That said, the section in front, which I think is titled “How to Be a Lucky Hoodoo,” is kind of interesting. I didn’t try any of the spells, but they looked workable.

They lucky hoodoo spells are useful, however, they are in no way representative of Vodou practices. The rest of the book can be tossed in the trash. Lol

A good source for info on Haitian Voudou from the Bocor perspective is Bokor Elmera on youtube as well. He can be a little off-center in some concerns but his magical knowledge seems solid.

Yeah, that guy is way off on a lot of points. Yelling at the camera until people listen doesn’t mean your right just like fox news. I come from a nonasson lineage that counts back 10 generations. Much of what he says is ill-informed or misinformed.

No, the “Lucky Hoodoo” spells aren’t traditional hoodoo at all, but the system does look kind of interesting. The rest of the book definitely is a load of made-up nonsense IMO.

hello, I use micheal system, I think will be useful for me, however I use is to make the astral temple, meditate on lwa … also use the veves. works for me … am I wrong? for I am beginner in this system

andremeleck, are you getting results?

And have you done, or had done (ideally by a magician with no investment in the answer), some divination about whether or not it will be helpful to you?

That’s the best way to derive an answer IMO - guidelines are only that, what will be good and effective for one person may not be so for another.

I do have some results, energy flowing, use veves box, am experiencing these boxes

yes I used tarot … he told me yes … it’s good for me …

but I do not have enough experiences, because I’m starting the procedure

If you are getting results and enjoy his writings than keep working his system. To play Devils Advocate Bertauix does have a following and I wouldnt say that he isnt an occultist. I’ve actually seen his work on Voodoo compared to Koettings work on Voodoo as they both deviate pretty heavily from “tradition.” However evrey person working with the goetia, GV entities etc is also throwing about a milleniums worth of tradition in the garbage can to with modern evocation and we still get stunning results without worrying about that.

yes …

great post Cogitation … you work with voodoo ?

I met berteux once as I went to his birthday party because I know a guy he’s a freinds with. He seems like a cool guy but I havent actually picked up any of his material yet, sometime I should check it out.

No one said he is not an occultist, but calling what he does Voodoo is extremely deceptive. His system is comprised of egregores. If you haven’t met a Lwa you can’t appreciate the vast difference of intelligence and power. Most people that play with systems like Bertiaux’s enter into the “positive feedback loop”. Whereby they have suspicions of say “legba being a cosmic entity that looks like xyz” and the egregore comes along and takes shape of their expectations. Lwa on the other hand will often defy expectations and can be unpredictable, one minute they are being sweet to you the next they are hot and fiery you offended them.

It’s really pathetic when I see occultist dress something up with a “spooky voodoo” flair to make themselve feel more powerful. Well, let me tell you something: You can dress up your magic as a spook show all you want but you will never have access to the real power of the Lwa, spirits that caused a revolution, heal illness, and have great compassion for humanity. But hey, saying htat someone has some secret bizango papers sounds dark and creepy, while the real vodouisant knows that Bizango magic is practiced by the “hill people” of Haiti who live deep in the jungle and are largely illiterate.

This is why cultural appropriation is wrong. If you want real Vodou, find a houngan or mambo to help you out. Give respect to the spirits and go to those that have been put in positions of power by the Lwa themselves and dedicate yourself to understanding THEIR traditions. If that seems like too much work, well, you are unworthy of the Lwa and they will more than likely ignore you.