Michael Arcangelus

Hi there. I’m trying to contact with archangel michael. I just use the name, and improvise an oration by myself, nothing complex.

The first time, I was in my room at night. I noticed some blue lights blinking. I have to say that maybe I was wrong. I ask Michael to take me with El, just for knowing. As soon as he start appearing, I was afraid, and my unconscious do the rest. This first time, his presence feels cold, like frost wind.

Next time, after some resistances that I surpass, was yesterday, I just ask him who is, from where he is. And tonight, I wake up from a dream. During this time of awakening, I noticed some buzz in the right ear. Few seconds after, I notice a feeling, very similar to when you start getting under the effects of anesthesia. So, my eyes were closed, and I see a bright golden figure. But non-defined, I didn’t see a face, or limbs, just a figure. The energy feels like masculine, very powerful, and some intimidating. But after I awake from it, I feel a lot of energy, very excited mind.

What would be the next movement? Thank you.


Michael’s energy feels like that for me too. And I also see him in blue and golden light.
Only that his presence does not feel like frost wind to me, but hot like the sun at noon.

What you describe sounds to me like you had success in contacting him.
If I was you I’d continue contacting him in the way you did and try to tell him what you want from him, why you contact him. Then see what he answers.


I remember another thing. After this vision happened, I saw a cat (you know, all cats are black in the night), crossing my window. Interesting.