MFWB *team Vadar and *team Skywalker

As we finish up the last of our group workings, I would just like to thank each and everyone of you who participated.
We had two teams team Skywalker and team Vadar. I believe you guys took this to a whole new level. With very little drama or other issuses. You guys totally rocked this !! :fist:

I’m so proud of both teams and the team leaders @Aluriel and @Aiden_Crow.

Thanks @Woodsman81 for working with both teams! And thanks to @Dinmiatus for helping team Skywalker and to @serpens_album for helping team Vadar!!

You guys really pushed it and put in the work. I gotta give @Fuego props for staying so on top of his work. And giving us all a push to keep going, on team Skywalker!

Thank you team Vadar for working so hard and hardly any drama at all. Both teams did so well with keeping drama out.
I know I sound like proud Mama right now but I’m just so amazed at all the hard work you guys did and how you stuck it out to the end!! I wish I could throw you guys a big ass party! ! :tada::balloon::confetti_ball::balloon:

Hail team Skywalker! Hail Team Vadar!!

May the Force always be with you!! :heart:

Love ~
arianna :kiss:


Thank you for organising it and staying on top of everything and keeping it organised and structured, we really couldn’t have done it without you and appreciate the effort you put in.


Aww thank you so much!!


Don’t know what you are talking about but am pro vader and skywalker haha

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We did magickal friends with benefits the sign up was so big I had to divide them into two groups team Skywalker and team Vader.

We have been working magick for each other since December 1. I’m so proud of these two groups!!


That’s fcken ace, I loved reading this! Guess I was just a lil late to the party :wink: (fashionably late they say ;))

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It’s my pleasure.




When I first posted asked if anyone was interested in doing the magickal friends with benefits I had not idea what it was to become.
I had no idea so many people would sign up 30+ people. I had no idea I would have to divide them all into to groups so each person would 2 days each for there requests.
I had no idea I would need team leaders and extra helpers. I had no idea I would use a star wars theme, for these two groups!!
And honestly, I had no idea that these two team would kick ass like they did. And stick it out to the end! Im so beside myself right now with all amazing work you guys did and how you stuck it out! Over a month of serious magick work everyday.

And you all had each others backs and stayed strong and supportive. The teamwork was amazing!!
I’m so proud of all we did and how far we have come!!
You guys are awesome!! :+1::sparkling_heart:


Thanks all for letting me practice magic on you, and thanks for the return favor :). Lastly, thank you Ariana, Aluriel and others for helping. If I missed anyone, let me know what you’d like and I’ll do my best :slight_smile:


Vader … All that power and didn’t heal himself… Amateur…

This was a thank you thread and acknowledgement of all the hard work everyone in the friends with benefits teams put in…


Yeah, you did a LOT of hard work here and it was awesome, I think it may have been the most successful FwB because some of the others ran into problems! :thumbsup:

#Three Cheers For Goddess Arianna! :heart: :sparkles: :bouquet:


Aww shucks… :blush: thank you!! :heartpulse:

That moment @Lady_Eva makes you blush! :blush::smile::rose: