Methods to thank djiins for helping?

How do I thank the djiins who work with me?
They do absolutely excellent job.

Especially when it comes to money they are amazing.
I want to give them a good offering. Not just an incese.They really deserve it.


I offer an incense. Usually sandalwood or frankincense. Just whatever my intuition says


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Well if you want to go an extra mile; in the old days… offerings to jinn were of animal sacrifices, writing on specific animal’s skin the sigil and a certain incantation given to you by the spirit. However, such practice is not really practiced anymore except in some African cultures and some arabian ones that still do. Note if you were to write the spirits sigil on a dead animal’s skin, the animal needs to be associated with the spirit and to their liking.

thats just a quick offering history in the tradition of working with the jinn. but, for the sake of these days and the modern culture. gems and blood is appreciated. Side note: Jinn is another word for daemon/demon. Jinni(h) is the female tense. Jinniee is the male tense and jinn is plural of the singular jinni/h. And jinn is divided into few categories, which can be seen similar to the idea of race (white, asian… etc). They are the same but come from different backgrounds and have different morals and point of view just like humans.

Ok i went off kinda… hope i shed some light.


This is brilliant. That’s the type of information I was trying to find. And thank you for replying to my post…

I am aware that djiins are demons however I have no idea how someone can work with demons outside the 72 goetia ones.

Specifically atm the djinn who I would like to thank is the Mighty King, Shamhurish al-Tayyar. If I choose to give him an amethyst chrystal how do I give it to him and what do I do with the chrystal after the ritual?
Or if I would like to give him a drop of my blood where do I do it? I don’t have a sigil like I do with the goetia demons :woman_shrugging:

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First I need to clarify something to you. From my understanding and own gnosis, the goetia jinns are in the hierarchy are under the 7 kings the rule the days. Also, there are 7 on top of these 7 kings that rule on top of them. So far I came to know that Samael is one of the 7 the rule on top on of the day kings (Tuesday).

There was many sigils for the 7 day kings that was channeled. But, I want you to remember that in the jinn arabian tradition its more about the intention and incantation you are viberating not sigils.

To answer your question, shamhruush is the king of thursday. He likes amythest indeed. You can pick your left index finger and put some blood on the amythest itself. Also, you can use a candle in the colors he likes or associated with him and anoint that candle with ur blood too. He will definitely appreciate it.

Im currently writing a book about all this, so make sure to stay tuned. For now, i hope i helped.

Be Blessed.


You are indeed. I remember that.
And I hope that you also make it into kindle version. I would be one of the first ones to buy.
I have screenshoted the material you have posted and I used already the incantations that you said on that post etc.
And the results of using your notes is why now I am really happy with my djinn spell.

I hope when your book is finished that you also publish it on kindle. I am so looking forward to read it.

Thank you so much for your enlightenment. I am truly grateful :pray:

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