Methods to keep potential suitors at bay

Hi all, there is a lady I am quite keen on and would like to start pursuing a relationship with in the next couple of months, she is just starting to emerge from a self imposed isolation after a bad relationship so she’s been single for over 5 years now but seems to be finding her mojo and confidence again.

At this point I am not quite ready to commit my full attention to her and would like to discuss ways to keep other men well away from her until I am. I am considering creating a servitor with the express purpose of invoking feelings of unease or even disgust in men that encounter her. What say you?

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If you really want a relationship with this woman, my advice is to let her have her fun. You said she is just coming out of isolation and starting to get her confidence back, so if you go around beating all of her suitors off with a magical stick, you’re just going to drive her back into isolation and destroy her burgeoning confidence, so when you’re finally “ready” to commit, she will be a neurotic mess that you will then have to clean up.

People are not like cars on a lot, where you can “claim it” and then leave it alone until you have the money to finally buy it. You have to take into account how they will react to your actions. After being alone for five years, magically driving anyone who shows interest in her away will emotionally crush her, and, depending on how lonely and isolated she was to begin with, there is a possibility she will never recover from it.

I would instead work on her mind and emotions, so she doesn’t view any of the suitors as anything serious. That way, she can still play, but when you’re finally ready to move in, you have a strong, confident lady on your hands.


Thanks for your perspective, you bring up some very salient points I hadn’t even considered. The absolute last thing I want to do is hurt her in any way!


Having men interested in her after her five years of isolation after a breakup will boost her confidence in herself, and that’s what you want because there’s nothing more attractive than a confident woman who knows what she brings to the table.

A servitor is a good idea, but what I would do is, rather than have it keep people away, program it to subtly manipulate how she views the men, and her emotional reactions to them. If she approaches them as playthings, like a cat to a mouse, then she can let them pursue her without having any emotional attachment to the outcome. Women enjoy the chase, so let her enjoy it, and just make sure no one catches her, except for you :wink:


Instead of making suiters feel disgusting or whatever in her, which could be dangerous sometimes, you could instead work on your relationship with her so she’d feel more comfortable with you rather than the other potential suitors. Then theres more chance of her choosing you over them.

I personally wouldn’t use magick to get into a relationship with someone cos thats likely gonna be a lifelong commitment and your perception of your partner might change with time and thats gonna be a problem.


I agree with @DarkestKnight , in that I would be somewhat careful so as not to damage a likely already fragile self conscious and confidence system.

I would however, considering doing work to get closer to her in the meantime.

I do not mean romantically, intimately or sexually but rather as friends.

I suggest this because, for the second time in my life, I have found myself to be in a relationship with my best friend.

The first time, the man I was with became my best friend. That was pretty great, things worked well but we humans have a way of letting things that don’t matter come between us.

My current relationship, is with the man I spent time with prior to becoming involved with. It was only ever meant to be friends, but by the time we hit six weeks of spending every single day together, including when I had my children, his grandfathers birthday party, his moms families dinner and all kinds of things like that prior to even considering a sexual or romantic relationship… well.

Eventually be both had a moment where we said wait a minute, pay attention dummy or your going to miss it… because it was a deeper thing, with more potential than what is right and fair and all.

End ramble. Sorry :disappointed: TLDR: Consider developing a purely platonic friendship with the woman first. The relationship will likely be more rewarding in the long run and it will give you time to determine if there is true chemistry and potential for a long term relationship that will check most of your wants and needs, or perhaps determine if regardless of what you currently know, think and feel about the woman she either needs more help, support and possibly therapy to overcome her traumas, if your willing to go through it and aid the process and of course, it will also help you to discern if you’re truly compatible.

Close friends often do many of the same things together that a couple also would-such as watching movies, spending a day at the beach, video gaming, going to the bar and so and so forth.


Edit, that the stupid advertisement, on the stupid mobile version of the forum, won’t let me post. (Probably because I waited a long time due to not seeing the below until I reread things.)

I haven’t had to a google a word from a forum thread in a while. I’m glad I did google though, because I originally read it my and mind thought well, the root is saline, so how does that apply within this context.

I’m not real sure the root is really saline, that is just how my mind processes words it doesn’t know when reading- I look at the context and try to logic out the most reasonable meaning, and sometimes parts of the word indicate part of what the word might mean or be implying.

But thankfully, my googlebox (my phone) is around to correct me, because my mind failed me this time.

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Is another Google Box success story

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I get a bit carried away sometimes and see things in black and white, my initial idea would essentially have amounted to a baneful working aimed at a person I actually care a great deal for :joy:. I have reworked the servitor to instill more confidence, happiness and optimism for whatever her future may hold in fact her happiness is it’s source of energy. It’s mandate is to subtly influence how she perceives men in general while always emphasising our time together as more significant and worth pursuing.

Agreed, I’m not interested in influencing her with a love or lust spell.

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Hi @Keteriya, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We do have a platonic relationship and have been on a few outings together which we both enjoyed. The only reason I considered some sort of influence magick with her is because I am quite literally stuck on a mountain top 600 kilometres away until the middle of December, that is why I cannot commit my full attention to her right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well I have been a bit salty lately, maybe that’s what you were picking up on :rofl:

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A more indirect approach, you could work on yourself and develop yourself so then you’ll be a better person when you are ready to commit, plus if you’re working on yourself there should be a difference from you and the other men she talks to, something to think about.

Also I think if you’re ready to call dibs you’re anticipating commitment, you can’t have your cake and eat it too.
I recommend you work on yourself and build up your strengths for when it’s time to shine.

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That’s hilarious lol :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue:

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