Metatron sigil

It looks like there are several variations for the sigil of Metatron. Can someone point me to the most accurate sigil?

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They are pretty much all accurate. Most spirits have more than one.

Choose the one you feel most energetically drawn to.

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That was quick, thanks. My mother is drawn to Metatron. I’ll check them out for her.

Page 136 of Evoking Eternity. I came across one of your posts. Great :slightly_smiling_face:


Do you have any of the Gallery of Magick’s work?

If your mom is religious, she might prefer the Hebrew seal for Metatron given in Damon Brand’s book Archangels of Magick.


I actually purchased that very book you just mentioned. Purchased two of Gallery of Magick today for her.

The 72 Angels of Magick: Instant Access to the Angels of Power
Archangels of Magick: Rituals for Prosperity, Healing, Love, Wisdom, Divination and Success

I don’t think she is religious. I haven’t asked in such long time but I’ve noticed she’s more open to other angelic spirits. She currently has a Metatron statue and some rocks and/or crystals but that’s about it.

I’ll notify her about the Hebrew seal.

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The main reason I asked is that the seal in Archangels of Magick, lets her call upon the powers of Metatron without an actual evocation so she doesn’t have to worry about spirits running amok or anything and it might be easier for her.

The seal consists of Metatron’s name in Hebrew and some Words of Power. If you bought the book for her, then she can try it out.

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I’ll keep that in mind. Is the seal or sigil different from the one seen in Evoking Eternity? And seal is another term for sigil right?

I’m currently waiting for 4 books. Two for me by EA (thanks to you) and two for her from Gallery of Magick. I had to make sure the others were credible.

I prefer using the term seal instead of “sigil” for the glyphs that represent spirits to help prevent confusion with the system of Austin Osman Spare, where you make a personal symbol out of a statement of intent.

Yes, the seal used in Archangels of Magick is very different than the one in Evoking Eternity. As I said, it is in Hebrew, and derived from Kabbalah.

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Do you own the UC. Thinking of buying it…but with a spirit bound to it, I wouldn’t want it roaming around. You don’t think it will detach itself from the UC do you? It might be a silly question but what are your thoughts?

I am working with this one:


I do have a UC, yes.

You don’t have to worry about the spirit bound to it roaming about. That’s not how a binding works. He is there to do a job, that’s it, and he is connected to every Universal Circle consecrated by EA, so by using the circle you are calling upon his services, but he’s not hanging out in your room or anything, waiting.

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