Metatron, reverence

While watching a tarot video that popped up on my youtube recommendations yesterday, I was thinking about something that was troubling me for some time. And somehow Metatron came to my mind. I paused the video, closed my eyes, cleared my mind and called out to him. This time our communication was very clear, he first said “Your mind is all over the place” and then “You need reverence”. English is not my mother tongue, I did not know what reverence meant but probably heard it somewhere (I checked what it meant after). He also told me that he would help me. After this small talk, I had some advancements with the thing that was troubling me. But strangely, in the same day, I broke up with one of my closest friends for the stupidest reason ever imaginable.
The tarot video(s) that I have been watching said something about breaking up with a person close to me, and good things coming after that ending but I did not pay much attention.

Could these be relevant? Was this ending needed? What does “needing reverence” mean, should I venerate “God”?

Have a great day.

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Reverence simply means treating something or someone with a deep respect.

Metatron could have been referring to how you treat your magick, taking it lightly or flippantly, instead of respectfully. The breakup with your friend might have been an unintended consequence caused by your unfocused mind while watching the video, so he was reminding you to respect the power you wield.