Metatron Associations

I’m looking for elemental, herbal, crystal, etc. associations for Metatron. If you work with him and know any of these or any offerings he prefers please share it below. :white_heart::sparkles:

Most of the threads I’ve seen discuss surface level biblical stuff about Metatron. If I’ve overlooked something please link it below.

I work with Metatron a lot, so while this is all UPG, my suggestions would be –

Element: not any of the traditional Western four elements. his element is time/the fourth dimension, and the cosmos/space.

Herbal: white sage. Cedar. Sandalwood

Crystal: clear quartz, or alternatively stones which are white or white-ish, like selenite, beryllonite, white prehnite (lol me just googling white gemstones), but also (again, UPG) it feels important that the stones be of irregular shape, of many faces, not round. Also, potentially, lapis lazuli.


Seems very accurate to me! 10/10, would verify!

When working with him, I also feel using white, silver and gold candles is the way.

Metatron the best. :white_heart:


This makes sense. Particularly bc he made my clear quartz pendulum move like crazy. And the other stuff feels right based on his vibe. Thank you!

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Metatron likes amethyst, as it’s a highly spiritual stone, cedar and myrrh are also welcomed by Tron. I’ve worked with Metatron literally since I was twelve years old. We got thrity one years in together. Oh yeah he loves moldavite too. Good luck

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Noted. Thanks a bunch!

Your very welcome. Cheers

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