Metal staff vs wood


Been thinking about making a replica of saruman’s staff that will hold up for a while instead of wood. When you get into some intense ritual pushing a lot of energy through the wood it tends to crack, steel doesnt have that problem. I think i will use a clear quartz ball and charge it with a demonic current. it will help me focus energy through it… Anyone have any ideas on this or any other staff ideas?




The cracking does show the work but after a while when it snaps that is as far as it will go lol. I believe steel paired with the quartz ball, both charged and had workings performed on to make them more conductive to energy and charge them with demonic energy would be superior to a wood staff.


Copper should work pretty well too.


Copper tends to turn green after a while. I will be putting a black rust proof coating on the steel


If you decide to experiment, you could also paint the copper staff as you would the steel one. Copper is an excellent conductor. I hear of people building their temples from copper pyramids for better receptivity.

Whichever way you go, let us know what you find out.