Met Tet in the Vodoun Course?

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Is there a way of working with the Met Tet included in the Haitian Vodoun course?


Well, if you have the video course, I would assume it tells you how to work with it.


Well I’ve made my way through half of it, but haven’t seen any exercises that would help with this yet.

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Oh, perhaps it’s not a component of the course then. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about this particular one as it’s one of the few I’ve never worked through.

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Met tet is a vodoun spirit believed to walk with you from birth and throughout life. It is essentially your guide, and believed that only a priest or priestess can give you its name.

That being said, I work with the loa, yet don’t identify with having such a spirit walk with me. Samedi almost always does walk with me, or is not hard to find in the least, however what I’ve read most believe thst your personal met tet will not be a famous spirit.

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Cool that you walk this path! There isn’t many of us.

In the course, it’s approached in a different way. So you don’t have to go to a priest to get it’s name. And Eric’s mentioned that you don’t have to pay to receive this information. Being that the Met Tet has always been with you. It’s implied that ultimately it’s up to you, to find it.

Saying that, I’ve found that it can elude you and purposefully hide itself until the time is right. To keep you safe.


I’ve read his books on the topic. I was a bit disappointed it still comes from a somewhat religious standpoint and leaves the reader to figure out the true path in their own.

I guess as far as what’s available currently tho- it does give the reader the best chance to get there.

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Have you read the new copy of spider and the green butterfly? He’s taken out all the blinds now.

He has. He hasn’t laid out the truth however, and still leaves it up to you to decide where it’s religions and where it’s true.

I see similar things with the djinn tbh. Rumors of how to work with beings that are much more complicated/ based on half truths than needed. I’m sure there are other paths that are similar, where the truth is hard to find, but I’ve not yet delved into those.

Actually when I think about it, I’ve come to expect this from occult books, be they about demons or vodoun or djinn or anything else.

It’s up to me to pick out the frame work that most authors are presenting and to discern then disregard what is simply bullshit, unneeded, etc. why they hide it in between the lines sometimes, as koetting has with the loa, is beyond me.

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So what would you say is the truth? And what are we not being told?

I found a way to find my met tet btw. PM me if you’d like it. Pretty flawless.

shrugs I consider the true path to be more of a back door, lesser traveled than anything I’ve found in print or online. I’ve found the loa to invite people to the current then test them to see if they worthy of the path or essentially meat bag worshippers that can be used as tools for their own agenda. In my experience the beings empower you, teach you and guide you- they rarely do the work for you.

Most people disagree with my approach to the current however and I am ok with that.

Sure I’ll drop you a line- I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the met tet thing, as I said before I’ve found myself often in the company of some of the well known beings within the current, but If there is met tet amongst them thst I’ve yet to perceive, I’d be open to the subject.

I still consider myself of a noob, particular on these forums because I walk my own path, which is significantly different from those amongst us.