Met kalfu and me. FINALLY EVOKED HIM

Given the fact i dont have the ritual implements to do a “voudan evocation” i called on met kalfu last night and spoke with him about some things. His manifestation was fast. I saw petro loa in my inner vision in all their gruesome power and glory. Does met kalfu have any limitations on what he will/wont do. Or he doesnt give a shit.


Havent worked the loa but as with finding out the limits or boundaries of most forces,spirits ect it may be advisable to ask directly, or meditate on it chances are since you have a connection with him he will answer. Since asking about and knowing these kinds of things can only make for a better working relationship in the long run.

I never knew that Vodou deities could be evoked to physical appearance.
Can you tell me how to do it. I would love to speak with Papa Legba

He does not give a shit, he’s sort of an almost forbidden loa even in the vodun community, in public traditional vodun rituals, no one speaks when Kalfu is around.

Only the darkest houngans and mambos work with him ! So you should have a blast ! Approach this the same way you would approach any dark entity who has the potential to be dangerous : with care and respect and an open mind

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They are one of the closest spirits to the physical place, they’re always around you whenever you do a ritual to them and can let you see them if they want to appear.

That why vodun rites are very physical and involve a lot of dance and sometimes quick movements. Vodun is a very active tradition and so are the loas. Especially the petro loas

The lwa usually show themselves to me in my inner vision. Not so much a visible manifestation i have no incense burners for that. Or privacy

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Okay thanks