Met a few gods and members of the demon race

so a few days ago my team told me something. They were sent to follow me by a titan. They also told me I was a member of the demon race. What doesn’t make sense is why they would have any interest in me at all. They talk to me as if Satan is my brother and the gods are nothing but kids. I don’t understand I thought I was a human but everything from manifestations to daily encounters is telling me I am someone important. I’m trying to figure out who these people are and what they would want from a child

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If you’re awake and aware, you’re important. It’s that easy. Being human is too hard to be handled by anything less.


I know I’m not human, but what I don’t understand is the memories.

There’s a lot of holes in this and a push towards something that should be wary of.


What Velenos says is true - why do you call them “your team” if you don’t know who they are or what they want?
They could be a bunch of parasites and impostors best banished asap.

There’s info all over this forum about “what do they want” if you search for it, this is answered many ties over. Also search for ‘demon kin’, ‘demon children’, ‘incarnate demon’. It’s not that uncommon.

What’s more important is whether you are benefiting from all this and what you want to do with it.


I scanned them last night and also tested them. They are who they say they are just why they are here is what I don’t know yet.

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That still seems suspicious though.


If beings are out here telling you that Satan is your brother and the Gods are children, that’s a huge red flag because 1. Satan didn’t start out as an entity, it started out as a title that later became considered a singular entity. 2. The Gods predate any mention of Satan.


They are hiding my true past from me , they don’t want me to see the truth. Everytime I try asking them for the truth they change the subjects

I think you need this:


Then you might want to do your own research and self searching, if entities or parasites are trying to hide your soul journey from you that is a big red flag.

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I understand. What’s the flag?