Message from Clauneck

Oh, I get that people like him, and I respect that. There are lots of spirits other people like that I have serious reservations about. Demons seem to manipulate existing circumstances and influence minds rather than create new circumstances or introduce new trends. As I’ve said before, they “fan out” and micro-manage variables. Which means for me they’re not the one-stop all-in-one they’re often made out to be. They’re one tool in the kit.


Your post reminds me of Conan’s prayer to Crom. I think you both have the right idea (prayer starts maybe the one minute mark):


I have a very unique “union” to a spirit and I can guarantee there is no speak of “not being worthy” . Quite the contrary. He doesn’t allow such thoughts and detests them. I suppose it would depend on the entity though.

Perhaps this woman in the video is perceiving the message differently then it was intended. Clauneck is a wonderful spirit but he makes you work. He’s actually very friendly and warm but HE works hard, so no surprise so should the seeker.


The only goetic spirit I did some sort of “work” was Orobas. I have to say I didn’t put much effort so I really do not know if he listened or took some action. I came to know their names in books, but it’s all new to me. This morning I had a dream, in such dream there was a “presence” and I heard people talking and they said three names, two names I can’t remember, the one I remember is Clauneck. What a “coincidence” to come across this thread…


Absolutely agree in my limited experience with daemon spirits theyre not going to act like egregiors …


100% agree.

Again agree.

I don’t bother with this. Fact is, there are so many spirits out there that cover similar territory, why waste your time trying to force one to do things your way when you can find 50 or more others that can do the job the first one refused to do for whatever reason?

Instead of sitting there running Spirits’ Chains to force a change, just MOVE ON.

And double down on the praise you give to whoever delivers.

Sometimes it’s not even a matter of skill, it’s a personality conflict. Sometimes it’s mistaken identity. And a lot of the time, it’s outright deception.

In the case of Clauneck, i think that woman was being lied to. Nothing about that prophecy sounds legit to me.

Clauneck exists in Quimbanda as Exu Pantera Negra, where he rules over health, including financial health. Health comes down to wise use of diet and exercise, so the financial health of working with Clauneck means long-term thrift and wise use of resources.

With that understanding, working with Clauneck would involve a personal financial audit, financial reorganization, reformatting attitudes towards money, law of attraction-style daily practices to build good financial habits, and mundane work to start business ventures and generate new income streams.

Nowhere in that longwinded speech was any of this information given to her. Nowhere did she say she learned or did any of the above.

Some people in occultism have such low standards that they accept anything as some holy oracle. Delusion is high in magick.

She doesn’t need to call ANY spirit for money. She can use the demon Google to DAFS and find a good internet marketer, then call on the spirit GOYA to invest in herself, follow their instructions, and within 10 months to a year be financially free.

Numerous times high-income earners have told me what they do is not magick and they never called on any spirit. They just followed a well-created system that allows them to print money on demand. I have been told these exact same words literally hundreds of times now by many different high-income earners, some of them now getting close to a billion dollars (one is now a billionaire).

So for me to have to sit and listen to this woman blabber on for 1/2 hour about why Clauneck thinks she’s beneath his aid, i just have to laugh. She’s being deluded and her time is being wasted.

That in itself should be a dead giveaway. Nobody who is really good with money wastes time.

That entire speech she gave was world-class fuckery on her part.

100% agree with this, it’s my experience too. I either get my results or i quickly realize there’s more to it than meets the eye. Whatever the case, spirits do not tarry long! Even in my inexperience i can tell spirits like to move FAST. Sultitan is right on this point.

I also get a lot of one-word answers. I know the spirit is moving when i broadcast because time slows down. I have yet to get a single longwinded speech. The only long speech i got was from Dantalion. It lasted 45 minutes, but even that wasn’t long - it took me over a year to verify what he said, and when i found verification online, it was well over 4 hours of reading, yet told me less than what Dan told me.

Too many things about that video don’t add up to me.

I have done this in desert areas that haven’t seen rainfall in over 50 years, so i can verify that what @anon31277086 says is TRUE.

Weather magick happens automatically when i conjure outside. The fact that you have to ASK for it to happen and the spirit can’t do it is suspect to me.

That. Is how magick is SUPPOSED to work imo.


What about the theory that spirits are only aspects of your subconscious.
The theory states that it is only your subconscious and not a real entity so of course you will have different experiences.
I don’t believe in this theory myself, but some on the forum do

This isn’t to excuse poor behavior on the spirits part, or to make excuses for them not fulfilling requests, but I want to make the statement that just because a spirit can do something, doesn’t mean they will do it, or are even ever likely to do it. Maybe they just don’t want to do it. Maybe it conflicts with their value system, maybe it just wastes too much energy, maybe they don’t like you. The same thing happens when you ask favors out of people. There is a lot of stuff you can do, but if I ask for a huge favor out of you, likely it is not happening. In fact, you might get really annoyed at me for asking for something so huge in the first place from a total stranger.


Reading your response is really inspiring. It’s clear you know these entities and do not put up with misinformation. I’d love to be taught by you! Either way, you rock! Best of success to you!

Hello Anon.

I’m from Brazil from the city of Sao Paulo.

I wonder if you could teach me how to make this “necklace with one of the pentagrams of solar wealth”.

I’m sorry for the translation but I’m using google translator.

Thank you very much…

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Hey Lady,

You mention: ‘Belial’s will flat out refuse to work with you unless you show willing to kick their asses, I mean he literally called up an army to attack me and see what I’d do about it.’

What do I need to do to ensure I am protected, ‘or willing to kick their asses’ in a situation like the one you mentioned

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Welcome @Kenziesrevenge Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about your yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

Now this may be facts. I used to follow this person’s content and root for her. She definitely does know some things about the spiritual realm but I did feel towards the end of my engagement there was a glorification of struggle as opposed to just seeing financial struggle as struggle. We have to see milestones objectively. But what really made me stop engaging was when she posted a video saying she was leaving YouTube because it wasn’t income producing and that all of us that had been giving her likes and views are apart of the problem because we were keeping her on her own hook. Riiiiiiight. Her ego got out of control and that system she got rights to teach that she’s always pushing is the start of the problem. I see since then she has deleted that video and come back to YouTube. She has a video now talking about removing possession and I’m guessing some high road rhetoric about taking a whole year to work through it. Makes me wonder where the inspiration came from. But I’m not watching. I like many others have already advanced. I never needed services from her but just wanted to support a fellow occultist. But yes objectivity of results is a crucial piece missing in occult practitioners.


Can you post a photo or link to this “moon pentacle from the KOS”, please?

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Thank you very much for the information.

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King Clauneck works long term with a person ,he is a great teacher before you get what you want from King Clauneck he will teach you first ,King Clauneck taught me how to budget properly ,how to calculate inflation and budget for it properly ,taking care of my health and discipline ,learn first then remove the l then u will earn what u want ,dont disrespect the ancient ones their advice is priceless ,you will learn important life skills and connect with your inner power ,respect the ancient ones.