I opened this guys sigil a forthnight ago .here’s how it was… Set up altar(facing west) as in w.o.d with 2 white candles added incense to my left. Established circle with sevenths,invocation of hga ,invoking omnipotence then opened the sigil…felt him quick.then when the link was sufficient I asked a couple of questions…you train humans to a.p right?says no but I help them visit faraway places. Is this not a.p ? It is but you have to be able to get out yourself. Ok mersilde I need a display of your power tonight that I may tell many about you.says okey. I had a hyper lucid dream where a space craft was shining its beam on me then guys came for me and told me they wanted to take me somewhere I asked why me they said you know why. we then visited two cities in my country One which I lived in awhile ago and one i’ve never been to. Then a voyage to space where I gave some lecture…anyways there it is.this made me want to work verum or even just some of the spirits therein.

Did you take any notes or draw any sketches of the new city?

Not a “new” city …just a city thats there but I never been there