Merkstave Uruz meaning?

My father gave me this agate coin awhile back. Brown and red, but I’ve never really looked at it until now. Theres a pattern of green on the red part, that is unmistakably a Merkstave Uruz. It wraps around so half is on one side and half is on the other so I couldn’t capture it in one picture but it’s very clearly there.

Uruz is about the utilization of power, evolution, manifestation, vitality, etc. I dont know much about it other than what I can find on Balg and the internet. I dont usually work with runes, but this kinda fell into my hands as things usually do when I’ll need it later, and I guess now is when I need it.
If I understand correctly, merkstave runes represent the opposite of the rune’s force, or that the force is working against you depending on the way you read it. I’ll be honest though, I dont like calling each side of the coin “good vs bad”, but I cant seem to figure a way to counteract that. Opposite of evolution… stasis perhaps? Opposite of “vitality/power”, maybe “resistance”? Neither of those are bad btw, they have their place, but that’s the best I can come up with given my inexperience with runes.
Technically I could use it just at face value as a baneful stone but cursing and hexing isnt worth my time in 99% of cases so I want to use it for something else.

If anyone has insight on how to interpret a Merkstave Uruz without giving it a negative connotation that would be great. But if not/it isnt possible and I seriously misunderstand runes then please tell me. Pic of the stone is below just in case yall wanna see it.

Hello hello !
I don’t feel the presence/power of Uruz in that rock.
BUT admitting i’m wrong, Uruz is about perseverance, keep following your line of action/duty no matter what life throws at you, stauing strong and doing what has to be done. Be strong enough to do what you have to till the end.

If it fell the way it is in the picture it it would be on the “good reading side” of the rune. Keep going, don’t give up and remain honest and a good worker. Do what is right.

But as i said, even if i have only been studying the runes for 4 years which is nothing compared to the immensity of the knowledge they contain, i don’t feel/see uruz power/presence in the picture so it might as well be something else

Hope it helps.

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