Merkaba activation

The Merkaba

I know drunvalo melchezidek has some decent info on it but I can’t really be fussed right now with reading too much and just kinda want to get it going

Imagining a pyramid around me pointing up around head to hips, breathing into it three times to solidify it, imagining another pointing down around hips to feet and solidifying it with three breaths and then imagining a gold light sphere around it all and strengthening that with breaths… And letting them spin

That’s all I actually need to do, right?

On various meditations there’s like 18 breath steps… are they completely necessary?

Any experiences anyone wants to share for encouragement?

No ,its more complex than you imagine,you can ask Astaroth to teach you…if you are interested I can give you the link.

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Appreciate the link ty

Okay on the joy of Satan website it’s clearer and I did do the mudras when trying to do it from a meditation I was using

But the part that’s tripping me up even though I know they have pics it’s just not registering in my brain is the breathing tube bit

Can someone explain from that perspective? Thanks!