Merging with the higher self

in a single ritual. is it possible?

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It would basically be an invocation, so yes, it is possible, though technically it would be the possession of you by…you, since the Higher Self isn’t really a separate entity but the expression of the Greater You.


It’s a process to become the higher self, even though you can become possessed by it, embodying it full time is a different task, it’s a process of inner alchemy and transcending the aspects of the lower nature into the higher self. This may take life times to fulfill because the higher doesn’t even need to eat.

But the more you bring it into your body, you’ll take on more of its qualities and powers.


it asked me to merge and i said ok, then i just had merged ig, how did that happen?

Well, it’s a process like I said, you basically just surrendered to your higher self, if that’s the case.

Best way to merge with the higher self is to meditate as the higher self or actualize your consciousness as God (not Yahweh)

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like, let it take over?

Yeah, that’s the whole point, let go and let god

When you’re not connected to the higher self you will suffer, especially in magick, your life becomes dull and void. So become the higher before all else, that is the great work, you literally need nothing else, no spirit evocation or anything, the higher self is aspect of you that is God, so settling for less is just downplaying your potential, you can still work with spirits afterwards but you can talk to them in your mind now directly instead of having to do unnecessary draining rituals

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i don’t want to give anything else control over my body, id much rather settle for what i have now, which is similar to a permanent invocation

You are the something else, don’t you get it?

Your higher self is your true self, by surrendering to it you’re letting go of everything that’s not you.

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at the same time however, it is also not you. your conscious self would lose control. what i want above all is to merge, combining my conscious with my higher self into an even better being then either of them

what type of god will he become i wonder will he demand blood and skulls for his throne?

You are the “Higher Self”.

The point of spiritual work is removing egoic and unconscious obstructions to realization of That.

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Your true nature is already divine. You must cut through the bondage that binds you to a limited pashu existence.

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Doubtful, that’s more of theme for vampiric deities, that’s not the Godly path, the Godly path is literally generating everything as a soul.

The higher self is something beyond duality, so the very idea of power becomes irrelevant, because there’s no such concept in that realm, these concepts such as power only exist in dualistic realms where there is polarity and opposition. This is what I try to explain to most magicians especially the rebellious kind, they think power is power, when in reality it’s not, your true essence is beyond these concepts, it’s so pure that it can even become pure “power” down here as well, literally the only people really need to do is just tap into their higher self, there’s no point in spirit work in my opinion, I do it as fun now

I work with some of the most powerful beings ever, Draconic rulers etc. and they literally just tell me everything my higher self tells me, the higher self is the only real path, anything else is just an egoic trauma based fragmented delusion, like why would you go against the part of you that already is a God has already accomplished it all??