Merging journal

This is just gonna keep track of my merge with my god form. Four days straight of invocation, then three without proceeded this.

Day 1: invoked early in the day. Failed ritual to merge. Partial possession achieved. partial loss of control of limbs.
Day 2: morning after possession, unnatural amounts of stamina and drive to push harder than I have at work. Could not fall asleep.
Day 3: tonight’s the night for the proper rite. Woke up after three hours of sleep. Once awake, caffeine did not affect me. Seem to have no need for it.


Awesome … What culture is the godform from?

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Fun fact: your godform can be from several cultures.


I’d have to do lots of comparison lol… But from what I’ve seen its only the one culture


I’ve crossed through every culture.
Take a look at his traits. Is he a trickster or a warrior? What is he. Answer that and you’ll find what you seek. Nergal is just one out of many of my names. But that’s not the true name.


Mind if I PM you?

Go ahead

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End of day three: went to concert. Devoured the energy around me. Felt high. When introduced to aggression, I enjoyed it. Strength and balance, as well as perception were slightly higher than normal, perhaps due to adrenaline, although my mind and body were like this before any form of adrenaline would have been introduced. No invocation nor merging done.

A mistake was made in not merging as I said I would, but I am only human for now and unfortunately suffer fatigue.


Opinion: godforms create culture, they don’t arise from it. :thinking:


Possibly the beginning of the shaman/priest idea godforms are observed and interacted with by spirtual inclined individuals learned the relevancy to the world around them found a way to use these observations and what they were and it benefited and they gained personal and communal prosperity from developing relationship, personal or business with these forces on behalf of the tribe.

The interpretation given by the shamans trickle down and get distorted in places to the people less concerned with the spiritual but still benefiting from it as part of the community as myth.


Merger completed, seemingly successfully.

@QueenOfHearts was present for it.

Whilst opening the gates, she experienced an atmospheric change in association with which gate was opened, despite not knowing which gate was where. Also felt energetic movements going into me. Saw a pair of eyes.

While opening the gates I felt pressure and tearing in my chakra points. Saw the gate open and my godform emerge. Saw his eyes… Staring at me… Saw his face…

Felt a bit sick to the stomach after finishing my part of the rite and had massive pressure in my head. Saw his paws in place of my hands, and legs in place of arms. Can feel Queen’s energy again. She says mine was so intense it hurt to put her hand on me to start. Tried to look into a mirror and saw me, then his head in place of mine, then my form turned into a werewolf and the mirror turned black.

Did not feel overwhelmed by the energy. Felt high. Pupils dilated massively. Instead of feeling like I will pass out as warned I feel awake as ever.

I’m not sure if this was a success, but it sure as hell seems like it @C.Kendall


hey, awesome! :smiley: congrats


Thank you :slight_smile:


Forgot to add, my nose felt wet and cold like a dog’s… So there’s that


Listening to some hard bass while evoking is fucking intense. heavy bass+chaos essence=bliss


I could use some lamb of god about now…

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Okay update my face feels like its trying to elongate

He keeps speaking and typing through me…

His energy is also leaking into my head through my third eye… I feel head high… So much pressure on my forehead…

I wish to open the child’s senses since he himself has blocked the world around him


I’m talking about their masks. Either way, message came across clear.