Mercury retrograde

Had another couple of spells done but hes completely silent still…
im wondering if mercury retrograde has something to do with it since when there was a retrograde last time he broke up with me during that time

The retrogrades never really affect me and some others, so I theorize it only affects those that give power to it tbh.


If you’re doing spell after spell, it’s possible he’s overwhelmed and fighting the work. When I had casters doing the work for me before I did it myself, one told me it wasn’t good to have too many spells done. Maybe give them a chance to work, get a cleansing done if they don’t and start over again. Also be sure you’re getting the right work done.

If he’s angry with you or you two didn’t end on good terms, an obsession spell wouldn’t be the right spell. If he has a girlfriend, you would need to break them up first. You get the idea. I’m not saying that’s the situation going on with him, I’m just saying be sure you’re getting the right work done for the situation.

Other than that, good ole patience and positivity is what you need.


Thats true should i just leave the 3 spells to work now and not do anymore? Its a layered goetia spell asking 2 demons and a goddess for different thing with the same outcome
How long should i give them before cleansing?

Im not sure if hes with anyone as he told me he didnt want to be with anyone at the time when he split with me

We didnt end on bad terms its just the silence right now