Mepsitahl - SCRYING?!?!

Okay guys, so here’s the deal. I’ve been pathworking though Works of Darkness, and I’m having a blast. But for about a few weeks or maybe a month now, I’ve been stuck on Gaining the Dark Sight. I’ve had great success with th Sastan Ritual, but for some reason I’m unable to scry other than that.

Let me break it down a bit. I’m a natural clairvoyant. I can constantly see auras and energy to a degree, just in my normal waking state of consciousness. I can constantly hear and feel energy. When I scry, I can drop into the trance. I see the sheen of fog, and then after some time it will fade and I begin to see a fantastic light show. All kinds of blueish-indigo waves and silvery-gold lights will ripple and pour over the mirror and even outside of the mirror and around my body.

But beyond this phase of energy and lights, nothing happens. Rarely am I able to see visions, and I’ve only ever seen Mepsitahl maybe once or twice. It’s getting to be unbelievably frustrating. What am I doing wrong?


Approximately How long does the colorful ripples last?

The reason i ask is because the same thing happens with me when i go into tgs. I see lights and shit and feel energy.

What you must do:
Wait it out. Stay with the scrying until the colors fade and stop altogether, then let your mind sink deeper into the mirror/ritual

She should then probably appear


Dude, weirdly enough I got success right after posting this. The way I see it is just like charging a sigil. I just gazed at the mirror, “visualized” that she was appearing to me, and sank down into trance. And just like a sigil flashing, the mirror fogged over. Eventually the fog left and she appeared.

It’s literally exactly like sigil magick. I’m screaming at how much I’ve been complicating this :sob::sob::sob:


Fuck yes!
Sally forth!
And they say you cant get Technicolor Vision as a Mage :sunglasses:

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Wtf :joy::joy:
What is technicolor vision

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